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May 1st, 2020 13:56

I am writing regarding a experience I had at your Miriam hospital with two of your phlebotomists you have on site. I went in to have routine blood work drawn and as I drove up to Miriam hospital I parked my car and headed upstairs to the 3rd floor labatory at the cancer institute for my doctor. As I waited in the waiting room 25 minutes I finally got called by a phlebotomists name Amanda and she brought me to the chair to draw blood. I was expecting her to ask for my date of birth and she didn’t . I had to ask her ...
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February 4th, 2018 20:57

The Miriam Hospital used to be the best hospital in R.I not all that long ago (2-3 yrs ago).Now after a recent stay there(2/1/18 thru 2/3/18) just 3 days ago for 3 days. I have to say they , the hospital staff (nurses on down) have become very insensitive, much much less concerned with patient care, they have become rude and even mean and disrespectful. Maybe it is a problem with staff morale, not enough in service training ,not enough qualified experienced staff and way to many students and not enough quality, exp...
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  • My father was brought in by ambulance to the emergency room to receive steroids infusions. While in the emergency room the doctor took a chest X-ray and blood work . The X-ray showed bilateral pneumonia and the doctor saw the X-ray and gave my father antibiotics and also gave his 1gm of solomedrol daily . Instead of putting solumedrol on hold per request of family the doctor refuse . My father ended up getting worst . I went to visit my dad , on that day he was upset the Pt and doctor refuse to ...
    15 April 2020, 02:25
  • had the good fortune of having Dr. Daniel Seidman as my surgeon after a very unfortunate fall and serious injury in NYC. Good luck and fate brought me to Lenox Hill hospital and Dr. Seidman was orthopedic surgeon on call. As someone who works in related academic health care university and have the greatest physicians in California. Dr. Seidman is the gold standard. Every step of the way he was supportive , caring, communicative and available during a two week hospitalization and phone follow-up...
    03 April 2020, 03:38