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164 Summit Avenue, 2906

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February 4th, 2018 21:57

The Miriam Hospital used to be the best hospital in R.I not all that long ago (2-3 yrs ago).Now after a recent stay there(2/1/18 thru 2/3/18) just 3 days ago for 3 days. I have to say they , the hospital staff (nurses on down) have become very insensitive, much much less concerned with patient care, they have become rude and even mean and disrespectful. Maybe it is a problem with staff morale, not enough in service training ,not enough qualified experienced staff and way to many students and not enough quality, exp...
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  • They saved my life on 1/12/18, as I presented with a stroke and found a lesion on my front right temple. I was given TPA within the time frame to break up a possible brain clot. Very good staff and ICU staff too. Thanks French Hospital for your wonderful help!
    27 January 2018, 07:22
  • I asked to have my MRI results put on MyChart and the diagnostic imaging department at Central DuPage Hospital told me no. They said that they need the permission of my doctor to post my results on MyChart. There's only one problem with that. One of the HIPPA violations is "Failure to promptly release information to patients - According to HIPAA, a patient has the right to receive electronic copies of medical records on demand." When I spoke to Central DuPage Hospital, they were openly...
    27 January 2018, 12:14