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164 Summit Avenue, 2906

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February 4th, 2018 20:57

The Miriam Hospital used to be the best hospital in R.I not all that long ago (2-3 yrs ago).Now after a recent stay there(2/1/18 thru 2/3/18) just 3 days ago for 3 days. I have to say they , the hospital staff (nurses on down) have become very insensitive, much much less concerned with patient care, they have become rude and even mean and disrespectful. Maybe it is a problem with staff morale, not enough in service training ,not enough qualified experienced staff and way to many students and not enough quality, exp...
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  • Park Ridge owner agrees to $115M fine. The corporate owner of Park Ridge Health has agreed to pay a $115 million fine for filing false or inflated insurance claims and paying kickbacks to physicians for hospital referrals in violation of state and federal law, according to a settlement agreement filed Monday in a whistleblower case originally brought by three Park Ridge employees.The are criminals who steal and maim....
    16 December 2018, 08:57
  • I would not recommend this hospital if one has mental health issues. They are rude and disrepectful to people. Their quality of care us lousy also.
    04 December 2018, 08:01
  • Terrible hospital; employees do not get paid what they are worth and not a place for a family.
    09 November 2018, 12:36