How to struggle with oily skin on your face?

How to struggle with oily skin on your face?

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Oily facial skin - a real problem for their owners. The abundance of sebum, which is produced by sebaceous glands clog pores, forming black points and inflammations, make the face unnaturally shiny. To solve the problem, we have to find answers to a lot of additional questions: how to narrow the enlarged pores how to get rid comedones and acne, how to normalize work of sebaceous glands, and more. Anyone who does not know what to do with oily skin, we want to reassure you - it is a temporary difficulties.

With age, when the cells are not able to retain moisture, this type of skin will be able to get rid of oily film, the pores gradually will be narrowed, inflammation will go away. The wrinkles on such face appear much later and to a lesser extent than in the dry and normal skin. And until that time has not yet come, we need decide what to do now.

Step 1. Identify and correct the cause of oily skin

You can use the most expensive cosmetic means with the effect of drying, but every time the issue of fat content of the skin will return again and again. To get rid of this scourge for a longer period or even for ever, it is necessary to analyze a number of factors, which could cause a malfunction of the sebaceous glands.

Not infrequently this type of skin is due to genetics, heredity - those circumstances, which no one can not fix. However, most of the women and adolescents even do not suspect that the cause of their problem skin - quite different. It can be:

  • various diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, the nervous system, thyroid gland;
  • hormonal disorders in a certain period of life: puberty, pregnancy, after birth - after this time the problem will go away;
  • improper nutrition;
  • lack of proper skin care;
  • bad habits: smoking, frequent use of alcohol and drugs;
  • incorrectly picked up a series of cosmetic products.

Find out the reason, and then you should immediately remove it. If the provoking factor has been identified correctly, and then subsequently removed from life should improve not only the condition of the epidermis but also hair, and nails, and well-being in general.

Step 2: Establish of lifestyles

If you decide to definitely get rid of this scourge, be prepared to work on oneself.

  • Undergo a medical examination: This will help to identify gaps in your health, and eliminate them through timely treatment.
  • Ensure the normal operation of the stomach: the diet must be at least oily and spicy foods, spices, marinades, fast food, sweets; maximum - fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • Take care of your nervous system, avoid stress and depression. If you feel you can not cope with emotional state, see a psychologist.
  • Quit smoking or at least reduce the number of cigarettes smoked per day.
  • Eliminate alcohol from regular consumption.
  • Try to stay longer in the fresh air.

Step 3. Provide for oily skin the complete care

In order to the sebaceous glands work in a normal mode, on its necessary to influence not only inside but also outside. Dermatologists and cosmetologists worked out the basic rules of care for oily skin, that can significantly improve its condition.

  • Skincare means should be one line and to contain a mark "for oily skin."
  • Do not use sponges for washing: washing by hands.
  • The water should be slightly warm or an room temperature.
  • Do not get carried away alcohol tinctures: they also lead to release of subcutaneous fat.
  • Carefully choose decorative cosmetics. Will suit you matte powder and tone cream with a dense texture in structure of which - kaolin clay, zinc oxide. To grindings of cream use a the sponge. Contraindicated liquid blush and eye shadow.
  • Before the procedure cleansing the face do weekly steam bath for skin. Use herbs such as calendula, Hypericum, field horsetail, chamomile, peppermint, sage.

Gradually, follow the program on a regular basis - and already shortly you will see the first improvements.

Step 4. Seek professional help

Disorders of the sebaceous glands - skin disease that can be treated in a hospital or beauty parlor. After the inspection, testing, your doctor can recommend medical procedures that will allow for a long time to solve the problem of oily skin. Effective modern methods are recognized:

  • mechanical and ultrasonic cleaning person;
  • vaporization;
  • massotherapy;
  • cryotherapy based on the liquid nitrogen;
  • darsonvalization - the use of pulsed current.

Step 5: Use is regularly means for oily skin

The use of cosmetics that have a drying, disinfecting and anti-inflammatory effect - a mandatory item in the program for the care of oily skin.

  • Gels and crema - it should be soft and gentle, not injure the skin, without alcohol, have no more than pH 4.5, contain alkalis, antibacterial components.
  • Cleansing scrubs - twice a week, most thorough way clean the face with a scrub. This will get rid of blackheads and will provide a full breath a cells.
  • Masks for oily skin types.
  • Masks do each time after the procedure with skin cleansing by a scrub. Time of action - from 10 to 30 minutes. Always make a mask out of clay - have excellent drying effect.
  • Dried lotions - to wipe oily skin twice a day, after washing gel or foam. You can use ice cubes instead of lotion.
  • Cream for oily skin - should be light, airy in consistency. Applied daily after washing and rubbing of lotion.
  • Compresses for oily skin. Clear clogged by greasy sediments pores help warm compresses of herbs that can be done twice a week after washing.

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