Riverside Community Hospital
4445 Magnolia Avenue, 92501

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Location: California , Riverside
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October 14th, 2022 2:14
They know who I am

"If you are over 50 and end up at RCH that might cost you your life! My elderly mother went in with 4 known conditions, glaucoma, dementia, arthritis, and a possible stroke. The only meds she had was eye drops. They were getting ready to send her back home the next day. Then call me back and asked if she had a do not resuscitate order? I said yes. Called me back again asking me the same question. Then the next call I get a lil' while later they are telling me a bunch of things are wrong she has infections they don'...
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  • Nice Family Lawyer Toronto
    13 April 2022, 03:31
  • 9-3-2021 An ambulance transported me to Christus Spohn hospital in Beeville due to breathing issues, severe headaches, fever and confusion. They completely misdiagnosed me even though I was having those symptoms and doctor Joshua J White DO falsified several details on the medical report. Then they had me transported to their psychiatric hospital in Corpus Christi where I was told that my family put me in there and if I didn't take the med's I was never getting out. For three days I was disregar...
    14 March 2022, 04:53
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