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3800 Janes Road, 95521

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Location: California , Arcata
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February 10th, 2018 19:13

Because I had no insurance (before Obamacare) this hospital would not allow me to get a necessary test. Then, after I gave them the money they required and got the test, they billed me the same amount! When I told them I already paid, they said that they hadn't read the doctor's orders carefully enough to see that I needed two tests, not just one! I refused to pay, saying that if I'd been given the correct amount, I would've sought the tests elsewhere.They turned me over to collections, which dinged my credit for 7...
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  • Went to this emergency room with severe pain. I was told the dr was sending me home to follow up with my dr. I told them that I was in severe pain. The dr said “I’ll give you pain medicine but your going home”. I left and went to another hospital where I underwent an emergency appendectomy. I will not return to this hospital....
    10 February 2018, 02:34
  • The Miriam Hospital used to be the best hospital in R.I not all that long ago (2-3 yrs ago).Now after a recent stay there(2/1/18 thru 2/3/18) just 3 days ago for 3 days. I have to say they , the hospital staff (nurses on down) have become very insensitive, much much less concerned with patient care, they have become rude and even mean and disrespectful. Maybe it is a problem with staff morale, not enough in service training ,not enough qualified experienced staff and way to many students and not...
    04 February 2018, 09:57