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  • I was referred to this office by my pcp. I have severe pain and after a MRI was told that surgery was needed to correct it. Well, per this offices receptionist the doctor is unable to see me. Most likely due to my insurance even though they claim to accept it. Seems as if Doctors have gone from helping all to helping only those with great insurance. Has gone from health to what pays the most. Pretty sad....
    10 December 2015, 05:51
  • Dr Tunnell is really knowledgeable, friendly and listens to your needs and or chief complaints.
    14 August 2015, 11:53
  • Both my husband and I go to Leann and we trust her with our medical issues. I have a problem with anxiety and she has helped me thru this a lot of other things. We love her.
    12 August 2015, 02:16