Scratchy throat: find out the cause and begin treatment

Scratchy throat: find out the cause and begin treatment

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Each of us is faced with such a problem as a scratchy throat. Usually this indicates a common cold, but can also have a hidden cause at extremely serious illnesses. At the scratchy throat appears:

dryness of the mouth;
painfulness throat;

All these symptoms indicate common cold, SARS, which caused inflammation of the throat.

Causes sore throat

Scratchy throat may occur for various reasons - inflammatory and non-inflammatory.

The first group includes diseases associated with inflammatory lesions of the pharynx:

  •      SARS;
  •      Nasopharyngitis;
  •      Pharyngitis.

The above-mentioned pathological conditions are extremely dangerous because they can easily move to the lower respiratory tract (bronchi, trachea, bronchial tubes), and even the lungs.

The second group includes diseases not related to the infectious agent:

  •      Neurosis throat;
  •      Allergies;
  •      Occupational disease of the throat;
  •      Various thyroid disease;
  •      Reflux esophagitis.


With the sore throat is necessary to begin to struggle with the day when it first appeared specific to it discomfort. The best option is to visit the doctor in the first hours of the disease. After inspection and all necessary diagnostic measures doctor will prescribe the appropriate treatment.

Well helps abundant warm drink (milk or tea with honey). In addition, for the duration of treatment should completely give up drinking, smoking, as well as acute and salty foods. Is not necessary to overload the vocal cords. In cases where a constant scratchy throat provoked by some allergen, physicians prescribe a course of antihistamine drugs. At the same time it is important to prevent any human contact with the alleged allergen.

If the scratchy throat has neurological nature, a mandatory basis need to consult a neurologist.

When the unpleasant sensation in the throat is directly linked to the development of reflux esophagitis in the first place should adjust your diet. Treatment involves a complete rejection of acidic and carbonated drinks, alcohol, cigarettes, spicy and smoked food. In small quantities can be consumed fatty, fried  and flour food. At the same time food should be neither too cold, but not hot.

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