Male Organ Tips

Male Organ Tips

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Men take exceptional pride in their members, which is why they can get very concerned when they possess a bent male organ. Even men who regularly practice appropriate male organ care may find that an excess of curvature is developing, causing them to worry.

Curvature is normal.


It's important for men to realize that some curvature in the member is absolutely normal. Some men do indeed possess rods that are 100% straight: no bending to the left or right or arcing up or down. But there are also many men whose manhoods have a tendency toward angling in one direction or another.

And there's nothing wrong with that, either from an aesthetic or functional point of view. Indeed, many partners find a member with some curve to it to be especially beautiful to look at and to fondle. It can give a tool some character that others find irresistible.

Functionally, a rod with some curvature to it may provide a particular woman with more pleasure. It's important to remember that every person is different. Some women's bodies are more readily excited by the movements of a curved male organ than those of one that is ramrod straight.

Extreme curvature can be a problem.

Curvature only becomes an issue if it is extreme. A bent male organ with a severe angle to it may make penetration difficult for both partners. In addition, a bent male organ may have lost some sensitivity, which can have a dampening effect on a man's enjoyment of sensual activity.


There are a number of reasons for the development of extreme curvature. One of the most common is the accrual of scar tissue in the manhood.

Remember, male organ skin is very thin, so that the nerve endings in the tool can be stimulated and provide the pleasure that comes from sensual activity. Scar tissue is a very, very thin layer that develops as a result of rough handling. Although the layer is thin, when many layers develop one on top of the other, it can create a fair amount of mass.

If that tissue develops in one area of the tool, it may cause the tool to begin curving or may increase its existing curvature. In addition, the added layers of tissue can begin to impede the ability of the nerve endings to receive appropriate stimuli. This not only causes a lessening of sensation, it also encourages further rough handling. If a man's manhood has lost sensitivity, it requires more aggressive stroking to receive stimuli, and that aggressive stroking may lead to more scar tissue - a vicious cycle.

Preventing an excess of scar tissue from developing is advisable. There are several steps a man can take to accomplish this. For example, using proper lubrication when having sensual activity is always a good idea. It also helps to "switch things up" when self-pleasuring. Instead of always using the right hand, for example, try using the left hand occasionally. Don't choke the manhood or grip it too tightly.

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