Surgical treatment of colon tumor

Surgical treatment of colon tumor

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Among the operations on the colon cancer can note the following:

  • distal resection of the sigmoid colon;
  • segmental resection of the sigmoid colon;
  • left-sided hemicolectomy;
  • resection of the transverse colon;
  • right-sided hemicolectomy;
  • subtotal resection of the colon.

Basic requirements for surgical treatment of tumors of the colon:

- Radicalism
- Ablastics
- Aseptically
- Restoring the passage of intestinal contents

Treatment of colon cancer - operative: is removed the affected portion of the colon tumor with regional metastases. After removal of the tumor the integrity of the colon is restored by creating an anastomosis between them - crosslinking. It is important to note that the result of a surgical treatment of colon cancer, and depends largely on how the patient is prepared for surgery.

Preparation for surgery on the colon in fact that completely to clean the contents of the intestine, thereby minimizing the risk of infection in the area of the anastomosis and prevent complications. This is usually assigned diet cleansing enemas, washing the entire gastrointestinal tract, as well as laxatives for 5 days before surgery.

Ablastics - is the principle of surgical interventions in cancer pathology when the doctor tries to avoid the manipulation of the immediate area of the tumor, as well as the early ligation of blood vessels feeding the tumor. This is all done in order to reduce the risk of transferring tumor cells during the operation to other tissues and organs of the abdominal cavity.

The radicalism of the operation - the principle of the operation to the extent that provides both the complete removal of the cancerous tumor and its metastasis region.

Surgery may also be a palliative that is be carried out not for purposes of of radical removal the tumor and in order to alleviate the patient's condition. Usually in this case, it is impossible remove the tumor, it remains in place, and the colon is output through colostomy on the abdominal wall.

On the volume, surgery colon cancer are divided into:

  • Typical operations of colon cancer is to remove the tumor according to its localization and stage. For example, at a certain stage of cancer colon is performed the resection of part the colon, and at a higher - removal of half of the colon (hemicolectomy).
  • Combined operations - in addition to the removal of the colon are subject to removal, and other organs (or part thereof) if the tumor grows in them.
  • Extended resections carried out at the proliferation colon tumor or the presence of other tumors.
  • Combined operations - simultaneously with colon resection is performed removal and other organs when comorbidities (eg, gall bladder, ovary).

It should be noted that the treatment of cancer involves a comprehensive approach. That is, in addition to the operation are conducted and treatments such as radiation therapy and chemotherapy, because only a combination of these techniques can maximally completely remove cancer cells from the body.

Forecast colon cancer

The prognosis for colon cancer depends on the stage of cancer. In the initial stages of tumor 5-year survival can reach 90%. The higher the stage of cancer, the worse the subsequent prognosis. With the defeat of cancer of the lymph nodes of the 5-year survival rate is usually less than 50%. When rectal cancer prognosis worse.

Is it important prevention of colon cancer. For this after the operation need to be screened regularly on the detection of recurrence of cancer. It is important to control the nature of defecation, the presence of impurities. Every 3 months is performed a colonoscopy or sigmoidoscopy. Do not neglect this simple method of diagnosis, as the digital rectal examination. Every six months, do ultrasound of internal organs to detect distant metastases.

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      Two months ago I had a tumor removed from my colon and ended up with a colostomy bag. they said it was not cancer but called it borderline. This was the second time I have had part of my colon removed I had a leak and, went into a coma and was rushed back into surgery for the third time. with treatment of antibiotics, etc. I am still here. I am 76 yrs. old. I have had a very hard time thru all this. The surgeon says that I can have my colon put back together again. with all these surgeries and scar tissue, I am afraid to do another surgery, but want to get rid of this bag. I am also afraid this tumor will come back again. what is your opinion on all this? thank you


      David David

      No one can tell you. It is your feelings,, and how much you want to get rid of the bag. Your surgeon knows if your body is up to another operation. I am deciding on the balance between quality of life or length of time left too. I'm 77.


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