Male Organ Health and the Gym - Germs to Watch Out For

Male Organ Health and the Gym - Germs to Watch Out For

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Maintaining that buff body a guy has worked so hard for means frequent visits to the gym. But frequent visits to the gym also hold the potential to negatively impact male organ health. Clearly, there can’t be a choice between overall body fitness and male organ health; therefore, proper male organ care demands that a man be aware of the possible threats that a trip to the gym holds for his junk so that he can take steps to protect it.


Germs are everywhere; that’s simply a fact of life. But a gymnasium is likely to have more than its share of germs. Add to this the fact that all that working out creates sweat, which is a vessel for spreading germs, and one can see how the germ quotient can multiply. And then when one adds in that a man may frequently be unclothed in parts of the gym, making the spread of those germs to his equipment even more likely, it may seem a wonder that a man ever leaves a workout without a new itch or rash.

So what are some of the male organ health threats that a guy needs to be on the lookout for while doing his cardio or sweating it out in the sauna?

- Fungus. Candida is the nasty yeast that can be a bane for many men (and women). Candida breeds easily in hot, moist environments: sound familiar? It looks unappealing, with a red rash or patches of raw skin; as bad as it can look, it itches even worse. Ringworm, another fungal infection, has scaly ring-shaped patches that can be as large as quarter-sized and look rather disgusting. Jock itch is a form of fungal infection that is far too well known to men.

It’s easy for fungus to be passed on from another man’s foot or from other areas of bare, infected skin. In a humid locker room or steamy sauna, it can linger so that an unsuspecting man may contract it merely from stepping or sitting in the wrong place.

- HPV. The human papillomavirus has been much in the news in recent years as more and more people become aware of its existence. The virus generally presents as warts. The warts can appear anywhere, but the feet and male organ are popular locations. It’s important to identify HPV so that treatment can be started. The treatment doesn’t cure the disease, but it contains and manages it. More importantly, it can keep it from developing into cancer. It’s true that HPV is most frequently "caught" through sensual contact, but it can be spread from locker rooms, saunas and showers as well.

- Staph. This bacterium is notorious for the skin infections it can cause. Most of the time, staph infections are relatively harmless, but in some cases it can develop into something serious. It’s possible to contract staph from a contaminated surface like a workout machine, but one is more likely to contract it from sharing a towel or clothing with a man who has it.

There are a number of other possible germ-related issues that can develop, but these three point to a few steps a man can take to prevent infection:

- Wear sandals or flip flops in the locker room as much as possible.

- Sit on a clean towel when possible.

- Do not share towels, razors, shirts, etc. with another guy. And never share underwear!

Maintaining male organ health at the gym also involves regularly using a superior male organ health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil). The appropriate crème can help relieve many symptoms associated with candida and staph. If the crème contains both a high-end emollient such as Shea butter and a natural hydrator like vitamin E, it can alleviate common itchiness and soreness. It’s also advisable to use a crème with vitamin D, which fights disease and helps enable good cell functionality.

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