Delirium tremens - danger

Delirium tremens - danger

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Alcoholism - a rapid aging of the organism and very terrible change in mentality. A dependent person is not simply loses his memory, reaction, become depressed, it beginning of a dangerous disease called delirium tremens - he just ceases to be a man.

Symptoms of delirium tremens

Dependence on alcohol and delirium tremens - related phenomena. In a state of delirium tremens person becomes dangerous. Delirium tremens begins with 2-4-day binge. However, sometimes it happens in the period of the binge. Usually the first attack of delirium tremens happens during a long binge, and further - during the short drinking bouts.

Symptoms usually include:

  • Tremors in the body;
  • Craving for alcohol dulled. Sometimes can occur and aversion to alcohol;
  • Change in mental state:
    • The excitement, irritation;
    • Disorientation, confusion;
    • Deep sleep, which lasts more than a few days;
    • Lack of concentration;
    • Fear;
    • Hallucinations;
    • Increased activity;
    • Rapid mood swings;
    • Increased sensitivity to light, sound, touch;
    • Stupor, fatigue;
  • Convulsions;
  • Rare symptoms include chest pain, fever, chills, pain in the abdomen, abnormal liver function.

The probability of recovery is dependent on the underlying disease. The duration of delirium varies from several days to several weeks.

Delirium tremens can occur if a man suddenly stopped abusing alcohol, and before that was a long time in a state of hard drinking, not eating at the same time a sufficient amount of food.

A person suffering avidly delirium tremens can provoke traumatic brain injury, infectious disease.

Usually the diagnosis is made for people who previously suffered from alcoholic hangover and abusing alcohol: more than 2.5 liters of wine, or more than 5 liters of beer or half a liter of strong alcoholic drinks every day for a month. Also, this diagnosis is the people who more than 10 years suffer from alcoholism.


Delirium tremens requires urgent medical treatment. Physicians need to assess the overall physical condition of the patient, through a series of tests: the level of magnesium and phosphate in the blood, blood chemistry, temperature, pulse, blood pressure.

Treatment of delirium tremens

Treat the cause, that caused acute delirium is not possible, can only symptomatic treatment. With medicine droppers, psychotropic drugs and antibiotics the patient are manage to save from the deadly complications (eg, collapse, inflammation, severe intoxication).

Treatment of delirium tremens is carried out in intensive care units. Status of delirium tremens lasts up to 8 days. Recovery more often occurs after a long and deep sleep.

When the danger behind, start to eliminate the causes of delirium tremens (treatment of alcoholism). Delirium is a danger to human life. If untreated, approximately 15% of patients die due to coma or vascular insufficiency. Even with treatment, mortality up to 5 percent.

Prevention of delirium tremens

Delirium tremens often occurs in those who abuse alcohol. A person suffering from alcoholism, should definitely consult a doctor.

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