Disorders of the Will

Disorders of the Will

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Volitional Function - a function related to human activities. The will - the ability to consciously and purposefully to monitor their activities. The will is manifested in human activity. Volitional action - an action aimed at achieving this goal consciously, accompanied by a concentration of attention on it.

For disorders of the will include the following:

  • Hypobulia - reduced volitional activity, poverty intentions to activity.
  • Giperbulia - gain volitional activity, excessive activity.
  • Parabulia - distortion of volitional activity in the form of conduct disorder. It often occurs when catatonia when the patient grimaces, takes compelled poses, makes stereotypical actions.
  • Abulia - the lack of intentions, loss of desire, full of inactivity.
  • Stupor - immobilization, numbness. There are catatonic, depressed, apathetic and psychogenic stupor.

Volitional disorders also include a variety of disorders of the instincts that can be strengthened or weakened. Violation of food instinct in form of gain is called polyphagia. The weakening of food instinct called monophagy. Refusal of food is called anorexia, This disorder occurs in neurosis and schizophrenia. There is a perversion of food instinct, when, for example, the patient of mental retardation in the degree idiocy eating the dregs, feces.

Forms disorders of sexual desire: hypersexuality (increased of a sexual inclination), hyposexuality (weakening of libido, impotence in men, frigidity in women).

Perversion of Sexual instincts

  • Sadism - sexual arousal and satisfaction occurs when applied to the partner of physical pain;
  • Masochism - sexual arousal and satisfaction arise only if itself person subjected to abuse and humiliation - both physical and moral;
  • Fetishism - sexual arousal and satisfaction arises at the sight, palpation or apposition to body of different things, clothes of the opposite sex;
  • Exhibitionism - sexual arousal and satisfaction arise in outcrop own genitals in front of the opposite sex;
  • Homosexuality, lesbianism - committing sexual acts with people of your gender;
  • Bestiality - sexual acts with animals;
  • Pedophilia - sexual attraction to children;
  • Sexual attraction to the elderly;
  • Narcissism - sexual attraction to one's own body;
  • Voyeurism (sexual arousal and satisfaction occurs when spying on sexual intercourse by other persons).

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