How to get rid of fear and overcome self-doubt

How to get rid of fear and overcome self-doubt

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Brave is not the one who is not afraid, and who is able to act in spite of fear.  In this article - a simple but highly effective techniques that can help everyone overcome fear and gain confidence in their own abilities.

The first method - "gradual loads" - i.e. to act gradually. "Gradual loads" allow to pass the easy way to heavy loading. Gradually you begin to easily overcome the fears and lack of confidence in these aspects of life that once seemed insurmountable.

The second method - "depreciation". The fact that we are experiencing fear and uncertainty in our abilities in those aspects of life that are in our minds overwhelmed excessive importance - in other words, we worry about we think is important. Conversely, the simpler relation to these aspects, the smaller experiences.

The third method - "spontaneous action". To get rid of the fear and uncertainty - spontaneous action is sometimes the only way out. When you cheer, you simply need to do, regardless of the "spasms" of the mind. During conscious spontaneous action we are focused on what is being done, rather than how "scary". As the saying goes, "the eyes are afraid, but the hands are doing."

The fourth method - "a living example of a bold action." Personal fears dissolve when we see, as in the situation causing in us excitement, acts a confident person. Such an example can destroy the internal barrier, which encouraged to feel the fear and self-doubt in similar circumstances. We just make sure in practice that it is possible to act in this situation without fear - with ease and confidence. Such an example can make trouble and may have much to teach.

The fifth method - "relaxation". This method can be called physiological, because through the relaxation of a body, we affect the state of mind. state of body and mind - are interconnected. If the mind is tense, tense and body. Conversely, relaxing your body, we are relaxing and soothing the mind.

The sixth method - it is "understanding". In fact, we are afraid to act when there is no certainty that we need this. It is important to understand what you want really. Even if there is any doubt, you just need to decide: either "yes" or "no." If "yes", then we return to certain spontaneous actions. If "no", then there is nothing to regret. The main - decision must be prudent and conscious.

The seventh method of overcoming  - "awareness." This method - one of the most effective. Awareness can be termed as knowledge or professionalism. The professionals owning the subject, nothing to fear. He has self-confidence based on experience. So often learning is the best cure for fears and self-doubt.

The eighth method - "friendliness." This method is not suitable for every situation, but sometimes it is - is irreplaceable. Sometimes we are inclined to feel fear, anxiety and lack of confidence when communicating with some big boss, important person. This fear is completely avoidable simple friendly attitude. When we behave friendly and courteous (not owning the situation), "truth" is on our side - psychologically rights one who maintains a harmony.

The ninth method - "self-knowledge." Our whole self-doubt - a consequence of ignorance in relation to the own person, and because our self-identification so tightly is tied to public approval. To know yourself means to accept yourself as you are. When not ashamed to be yourself, then, and it turns to live and act without fear.

Tenth method - Self Analysis. All our fears are hold at some deep nonadaptive beliefs about yourself and life. Each problem state - a consequence of own thinking.

Overcoming fears and self-doubt - does not mean committing life-threatening reckless actions. Go to meet your fears is - to grow, to learn, to become stronger and wiser.

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