The Fundamental Principles of your Health

The Fundamental Principles of your Health

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1. Your health - in your hands. First of all, person must have a stable motivation for healthy life. This motivation comes from an awareness of responsibility for their health, as the basis for the well-being of loved ones person, the state in general. We must remember that only a strong body and morally healthy mind can help us to achieve of life goals.

2. Comprehensive perception of the health of the body. The essence of the principle lies in the recognition the integrity of the body and the impossibility of neglecting any part of it. The failure of one of the bodies will inevitably have consequences for other organs. This determines the particular importance of a comprehensive approach to the implementation of a healthy lifestyle.

3. Each of us is unique. This means that for every person a program healthy lifestyle will be strictly individual. In the case of certain deviations from the norm in a person, a program of training for the experienced athlete just would kill him. It is important to find a harmonious combination of all spheres the body.

When you create an individual style of healthy life should take into account the human physique, features of metabolism, susceptibility to diseases, psychological characteristics of personality, and more.

4. Moderation in all things. In playing sports is not worth to give 100% in order to avoid depletion of the reserves of the body and fatigue. Recuperate after such workout is much more difficult that actually reduces its value to zero, inflicting  the body more harm than good.

5. The principle of alternating periods of exercise and rest. By Nature established that human activity periods must be alternated with periods of stasis and quiet. During this time the body recovers spent on the activity resources and preparing for a new period of activity. If you violate this principle, the body at an incomplete amount of resources able to function not long. The result will be violation of physiological and psychological nature.

6. Rationally plan the vital activity. A healthy lifestyle requires a specially designed concept, which the person will adhere.

7. Health throughout life. The content of this principle lies in the fact that health is not a resource to be collected earn for the future and relax for a while. Health requires constant and systematic work over it.

8. The principle of conscious health. A healthy lifestyle is not just about sport and giving up bad habits. It is a system of values and reference points, purposeful transformation of the world for health preservation. In this case, health becomes the main priority in life, affecting all human actions.

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