Measures on cancer prevention

Measures on cancer prevention

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Human civilization is systematically and deliberately destroys the ecological balance of their habitat. Various types of radiation, a huge number of carcinogens in the air and in the water, in food, hourly destroy a human organizm. Basic techniques of oncology prevention - in a healthy life. Warning of a carcinogenic effect of external and internal factors, regulation of nutrition and lifestyle, maximization of the immune barriers - the primary prevention of tumors.

Each person is responsible for the prevention of personal neoplasms. Elementary rules for conducting a healthy way of life can help prevent the development of cancer. The exception tobacco products and alcoholic intoxication - propagandized everywhere.

Practically for each localization of malignant neoplasms exist premalignant condition. Therefore developed a number of preventive measures. Mastering the techniques of self-study for the most common oncological processes is a subject of many health programs.

Certain cancers can be avoided if:

  • Do not smoke;
  • Do not abuse alcohol;
  • Avoid strong sunlight;
  • Avoid contact with substances that have carcinogenic activity and radiation sources;
  • Regularly to eat fresh fruits and vegetables.

Eating regularly of vitamins A, C and E - an important set of antioxidants. Therefore, a balanced diet and receive vitamin complexes helps to prevent cancer. Acute, excessive fat or carbohydrate-rich foods - is the risk of bowel ulcers, colitis and, ultimately, neoplasms.

For decreased immune barriers and DNA imbalance contributes an obesity and physical inactivity. Therefore, to normalization of the individual parameters of weight should seek every sane individual seeking to protect themselves from cancer.

Awareness of the signs or symptoms of the most common forms of tumors is also included in the primary set of preventive measures. The slightest suspicion on the possibility of cancer must promote an early referral to a specialist.

For secondary prevention include:

- Create high-risk groups for the emergence of malignancies - people with precancerous diseases.
- Conducting screening in people with chronic pathologies, ascribed to precancerous.

Screening - complex examinations aimed at diagnosis of tumor formation at a very early stage, even before the appearance of symptoms. Screening programs carried out during preventive medical examinations.

The third phase of prevention activities of malignant pathologies is to prevent the progression of existing cancers by timely application of rational therapy, highly qualified inspection and monitoring of this category of citizens, as well as preventing relapse disease after treatment.

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