How to protect yourself from the flu and colds?

How to protect yourself from the flu and colds?

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Everyone knows the symptoms of a cold: sneeze, sore throat, runny nose, fever and chills, headache. In most cases, our immune system copes with it, but when the resistance is lowered, we get sick. Adults usually get sick once or twice a year. Young children more, because not developed resistance to colds.

To avoid diseases, it is necessary to your diet to include foods rich in vitamins, but with a little sugar content. Do not exposed to stress, lack of sleep, do not drink large amounts of coffee and alcohol.

How to behave with colds:

  • Stay in a well-ventilated room.
  • Eat foods with vitamins. Best suited broth and vegetables;
  • Drink plenty of fluids. But it is impossible drink alcohol and coffee.

How to warm legs in winter?

  • Mustard foot bath. 2 tsp mustard to 1 liter of water - Reduces congestion of the bronchi with the nasal cavity due to improvement of blood supply to the legs.
  • Point massage for recovery: Touch the palms on both sides behind the ears at the top of the neck. Press down into a point on back of the hand between thumb and index finger. Do not use this point during pregnancy!

The flu epidemic is observed more often in the winter. There is a fever, sneezing, muscle pain, fever. After a short time begins to sore throat, it appears dry cough, pain in the eyes, increased sensitivity of the skin, headache, watery eyes, weakness, loss of appetite. To prevent the spread of the disease, at the first symptoms of colds need to rinse the throat with tea tree oil. In half a glass of water you need to add 2 drops of tea tree oil.

Try to protect your body before the winter period:

  • Take a polyvitaminic complex, do exercises, tempering, eat properly;
  • Avoid stress and overwork. When general infection, do not visit in crowded places;
  • Every day should eat garlic. But if you want to avoid unpleasant odor, cut into rings and wash down with water.
  • At disease, should be carefully treatment. At very high heat, take means lowering the temperature. Drink plenty of fluids: water, juices, fruit drinks, etc.,except a caffeine and alcohol;
  • Black currant contains vitamin C, which fights infection, relieves pain in the throat. Eat citrus fruits.



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