Take care of the spine - one of the main human priorities

Take care of the spine - one of the main human priorities

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None of us doubts that the spine is one of the most important parts of our body, the main supporting structure of your body. Together, these 33 bones and 7 vertebrae hold you upright and connect the various parts of the skeleton to each other. However, we pay little attention to it. Meanwhile, every second person suffers from chronic back or neck pain to one degree or another.

Here are some more arguments confirming the dominant role of the spine in our health:

  • The spine is the central part of the skeleton, and it is this that accounts for the main daily load.
  • The spine is a vital center through which our nerves, blood vessels and muscles pass, intertwining.
  • And, finally, the spine is considered the focus of human energy and vitality, and therefore they see the sources of health in it and, accordingly, they look for the root cause of many diseases.


Straightening up and standing up to our full height, we constantly load our spine, which, in general, is not very adapted for this.

It must be admitted that the modern lifestyle acts on the spine as aggravating circumstances and against their background the risk of acquiring problems only increases. Excessive comfort, a frantic rhythm, regular overload and a sedentary lifestyle are the enemies of health in general and of the spine in the first place. Add to this the typical bad habits of residents of megacities: Incorrect posture, uncomfortable shoes, heavy physical activity, inattention to their health - all this creates unnecessary stress in him, squeezing the vertebrae, twisting the spinal column. And after this, well-known symptoms are already manifested: headaches, pressure surges, Pain in the back, neck, "numbness" of the limbs, crunchy joints, imminent appearance of "flies" in the eyes, nervous exhaustion and so on.

In addition, you should consider if you have flat feet and are overweight. Lack of sleep has a very negative effect - it is generally a catalyst for all chronic diseases.

Prevention and treatment

In the case of the spine, the thought is relevant: medications cannot help. Unless to a small extent, as an accompanying measure. He will need comprehensive, mostly physical and regular care. You will have to develop many good habits and bring them to automaticity so that your body exists in a spine-friendly mode. And, of course, you will have to reorient your usual way of life. Now let's take a closer look.

1. It is very important to learn how to control your posture in any position: standing, sitting or lying down. Many of the poses we are used to doing are extremely harmful to the spine. Accustom yourself to the correct positions, and very soon those postures that were comfortable for you will seem completely uncomfortable to you.

Correct postures:

  • Lying down - hard bed, elastic mattress, small pillow.
  • For sitting - a hard seat, which should be shorter than the thigh, and the height should be equal to the height of the shin.
  • Sit with your back against the back of the chair.
  • Read and watch TV - only sitting.
  • Do not cross your legs.

2. An 8-hour working day at the computer is absolutely harmful for the spine. Therefore, use any reason to take a work break, get up, walk, do gymnastics.

3. Hiking and jogging is a wonderful way to improve the health of the spine, because these types of therapy provide a uniform and full load on absolutely all muscle groups, perfectly train blood vessels, develop joints and at the same time relax the nervous system.

4. Swimming is very useful: hydrodynamic weightlessness allows the spine to rest, and the process itself involves almost all muscle groups, which has a beneficial effect on their tone.

5. Massage is very effective - the more various types of massage you manage to organize for yourself, the better. Massage your cervicobrachial region, lumbar and wrist areas daily - the most vulnerable areas in a sedentary lifestyle. Second, sign up for preventive manual therapy sessions.

6. After consulting with your doctor, sign up for a physical therapy class. There you will be shown some simple exercises that you can do at home.

7. Hydration, drinking plenty of water - from the point of view of spinal health, means that there is enough fluid in the joints, and the elasticity of soft tissues is also preserved. Also, choose healthy foods that are rich in calcium. A balanced diet that includes the right amount and variety of nutrients can help reduce back problems as you nourish your bones, discs, muscles, and other parts of your spine.

8. Good comfortable shoes are the foundation that helps align your spines properly. If you're looking for a new shoe, choose one that fits snugly, has a good instep support, and protects your ankle.

Start taking care of your spine today, don't put it off until tomorrow. In addition to the obvious health benefits, pleasant accompanying results await you: weight loss, a slim fit figure and the revival of the femininity lost in our time.

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