Controlling Pregnancy Weight Gain

Controlling Pregnancy Weight Gain

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This article does not promote the HCG diet. This article is information only to inform expectant moms of nature's production of the HCG hormone that is produced by the placenta. The HCG hormone is natures' way of protecting both mom and baby. This hormone works overtime for both. This hormone is perfect genius when it comes to providing for mom and baby. This hormone has five main functions: 1.) HCG provides nourishment for the baby when mom can't or doesn't eat; 2.) pulls water from mom's body to provide amniotic fluid; 3.) ensures a mom's pre-pregnancy weight minus baby weight if she eats a whole foods diet; 4.) provides natural weight loss for the post-delivery mom; 5.) ensures shrinkage of loose skin post-delivery.

Many expecting moms experience morning sickness. No matter what they try they cannot keep food and liquids from coming back up. Most do not realize the HCG hormone is busy at work extracting water from their body to produce the amniotic fluid for the baby. They are dehydrated and do not know it. They do not realize they need to drink for two.

Most expectant moms eat for two and drink for one when they really need to eat for one and drink for two especially if mom is carrying around extra energy. The extra food not used is stored as weight gain. HCG will extract energy from adipose cells to feed the baby in the event the mom does not eat enough. Nature ensures that the baby will get what he or she needs regardless if mom has any left over for her.

After birth many moms worry about getting back into their pre-pregnancy clothes. Not to worry, HCG to the rescue. It is important to eat a whole foods diet of fresh fruits, vegetables, whole meats and limited grains. HCG during and after birth works the same as a non pregnant HCG diet to shrink loose skin and burn off extra stored energy.

Simple carbohydrates such as sugar, honey, breads, pasta, white rice, soda pop, tortillas and high sugared fruits guarantee weight gain. Boxed dead prepared foods that are full of salt, sugar and preservatives also cause weight gain as this disrupts natural hormones.

Moms who truly wish to trim down have the perfect opportunity during pregnancy. Eating whole foods low in natural sugar and eliminating junk foods during pregnancy jump starts the body back into better health. The baby will get what he or she needs, mom gets what she needs, and HCG creates balance providing for both.

HCG stays in a mother's body for several months after giving birth, shrinking skin as the mom continues to use up any possible stored energy. As long as the mom continues a whole foods diet of complex carbohydrates, whole proteins and portion control the HCG hormone will do your work for you. It is far more powerful than any diet pill.

However, the downside of HCG is the fact that a junk food diet high in simple carbohydrates, sugar and dead foods will actually create weight gain. Many moms blame pregnancy on weight gain when in reality it is their choice of foods and beverages.

Therefore, if trimming and slimming is the goal, take advantage of pregnancy and let nature do your work for you, just watch what goes in your mouth.

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