How quickly reduce the level of cholesterol in the blood

How quickly reduce the level of cholesterol in the blood

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What is cholesterol?

 Cholesterol is a substance related to lipids. More than 80% of cholesterol produced in our liver, rest enters the body away from foodstuff.

Cholesterol serves mainly as a building material for our bodies. It is part of nervous tissue, cell membranes, hormones, vitamin D. Cholesterol is building material for of cell membranes. It is necessary for the binding and carrying protein, is a source of power for the skeletal muscle, but an excess of it in the body is dangerous.

 How dangerous is cholesterol?

Settling on the vessel wall, cholesterol complicates the power of our organs and tissues by blood. All this leads to premature aging of the body, and in the worst case, this heart attack and stroke (ie, bleeding in the brain). All this is very dangerous because it leads to serious consequences.

 Surpluses cholesterol deposited in the vessel wall, arteries, the aorta, which nourish the heart, brain and other organs. Fat stripes become thickened, then converted into plaques and thus reducing the lumen of the artery. Cholesterol plaques impregnated with lime, and when it is torn, the contents of it forms a clot, this clot occludes the vessel and as a result - a heart attack or stroke.

Normal blood cholesterol

 To check the level of cholesterol in the blood can be a blood test. Normal healthy human cholesterol should be 200 mg / dl, or from 3.7 to 5.1 mmol / l. If the figures from 5.1 to 6.1 mmol / L, it indicates a risk of vascular lesions. Indices above 6.2 are characteristic for people suffering from liver disease, eye, cardiovascular system.

 Whence undertakes cholesterol in the blood?

 Education in the blood of high cholesterol contributes to four product groups:

  1. A lot of cholesterol and saturated fats in meat semi-finished products, as well as pork, lamb, beef.
  2. A large amount of cholesterol contained byproducts, i.e. liver, kidney, and cholesterol is found in egg yolks.
  3. A lot of unsaturated fat is in milk products - is the sour cream and cream.
  4. Products that contain oils who have been subjected hydrogenation or hardening. Palm oil, coconut oil, margarine, various cooking oil. Avoid unsaturated fats, lard, butter, meat fat.

 Products that are necessary to limit or exclude from the diet.

 -          Limit consumption of egg yolks to two a week.

-          Choose cheese with reduced fat content, eat cheeses made from whole milk. Prefer cheese with 30% fat content suluguni, cheese Adygei. Consume milk lowered fat content.

-          Discard the smoked sausages, frankfurters, sausages, smoked meat. Replace red meat with fish and white meat.

-          The liver does not eat more than once a month.

-          Exclude the puddings, cakes, pastries, candies, muffins and breads higher grade.

-          Less Consume cream and sour cream.

-          Exclude the from your diet mayonnaise. Salad dressed with olive oil, yogurt or not greasy sour cream.

-          Avoid margarine, lard and various cooking fats.

Do not put your the purpose the dramatic changes in the diet. Put the task gradually move to the vegetarian food and gradually refuse eating animal origin. The result will be worth it, and you keep your health.

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