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  • Could not recommend Dr. Diab more highly. My daughter was in the most competent hands possible.
    26 January 2015, 03:46
  • I love Dr Adesida, I haven't been able to go to her for several years because of my insurance provider, but she is definitely a Dr I would trust with ...
    25 January 2015, 06:17
  • Very helpful. I don't like to talk to adults but she was OK.
    23 January 2015, 01:50
  • What a disgrace! I came to this doctor because I've been feeling sick and coughing for almost a month. Dr. Martinez-Catinchi had me hunch over and he...
    22 January 2015, 09:19
  • Excellent diagnostician! He is one of the few doctors who is willing to spend all the time necessary to discuss your illness, how to deal with it, an...
    19 January 2015, 02:21

Latest reviews of hospitals

  • This place appears to have together but is a unorganized mess. Staff lacks communication between each other. They are extremely understaffed and lack ...
    29 October 2014, 01:04
  • Staff doctor was uncaring didn't even examine the wound didn't even do any type of exam. But the hospital still sent a bill for her "services&quo...
    27 August 2014, 03:20
  • Worst hospital that I have ever been to they did not treat me well I was stifling there in pain and the doctor knew I was in pain and did nothing don'...
    25 August 2014, 07:51
  • The staff in Stroke Unit and ICU were all very helpful and supportive of my family member and myself. The nurses in the Stroke Unit were very kind an...
    26 March 2014, 12:07
  • The worst physician works here - Sunil Ayyagari. If he is assigned to you, request someone new.
    26 February 2014, 04:53

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    2525 North East 139th Street Suite 210Vancouver, Washington
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