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  • He is the only Psychiatrist that I trust 100% He is an outstanding MD
    06 March 2015, 02:05
  • Nice man but poor Dr , its his way or the highway. doesn't matter if you already had 10 shots in the same area and they didn't work , as soon as I dis...
    05 March 2015, 05:53
  • Helped me a lot with some pain in my neck and back that I was having from an accident.
    03 March 2015, 10:02
  • I found dr hijazin very warm and friendly and very knowledgable
    03 March 2015, 03:07
  • His is the best dr ever. Best bedside manner. You receive best care
    27 February 2015, 05:46

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  • Worst hospital ever..staff gave all my medical info to everyone who asked... Was left in urine and had fecies left on hands and gown for over 5 hours...
    27 February 2015, 12:06
  • I was treated very badly when I had my surgery. This female anesthesia doctor wouldn't even come in my room because I had MERSA. The nurses would not ...
    18 February 2015, 01:52
  • As I was getting settled in on the floor, I thought it odd that I was told by the case manager RN that I had great insurance! Who cares? While I und...
    09 February 2015, 08:54
  • This place appears to have together but is a unorganized mess. Staff lacks communication between each other. They are extremely understaffed and lack ...
    29 October 2014, 01:04
  • Staff doctor was uncaring didn't even examine the wound didn't even do any type of exam. But the hospital still sent a bill for her "services&quo...
    27 August 2014, 03:20

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  • Dr. Helmut J Pyhel, MD Dr. Helmut J Pyhel, MD profile - specialist
    560 Jackson Street North Suite 100Saint Petersburg, Florida
  • Dr. Mark W Asplund, MD Dr. Mark W Asplund, MD profile - specialist
    2400 Pine Ridge BoulevardWausau, Wisconsin
  • Dr. Christopher P Connolly, MD Dr. Christopher P Connolly, MD profile - specialist
    21785 Filigree CourtAshburn, Virginia
  • Dr. Robert Cirino, MD Dr. Robert Cirino, MD profile - specialist
    1611 South Green Road Suite 260Cleveland, Ohio
  • Dr. Gregory A Miller, MD Dr. Gregory A Miller, MD profile - specialist
    1666 Highway 160 WestFort Mill, South Carolina