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  • I highly recommend this doctor to everyone. He truly has a gift.
    16 December 2014, 10:39
  • misdiagnosis..........yes yes yes yes yesd yes yess yes yes yes
    16 December 2014, 09:00
  • Paige was so sweet and understanding when I saw her when she worked with Dr Boatwright. I wish I knew where either one of them work, now! Does anyon...
    16 December 2014, 02:36
  • I made the appointment when I entered the office I saw one of the front desk chewing gum disgustingly dressed inappropriate . She was inexperienced un...
    15 December 2014, 06:52
  • I have taken my children to this person and she is terrible, please do not take your kids to her, She tells us that she is qualified like a medical do...
    15 December 2014, 06:12

Latest reviews of hospitals

  • This place appears to have together but is a unorganized mess. Staff lacks communication between each other. They are extremely understaffed and lack ...
    29 October 2014, 01:04
  • Staff doctor was uncaring didn't even examine the wound didn't even do any type of exam. But the hospital still sent a bill for her "services&quo...
    27 August 2014, 03:20
  • Worst hospital that I have ever been to they did not treat me well I was stifling there in pain and the doctor knew I was in pain and did nothing don'...
    25 August 2014, 07:51
  • The staff in Stroke Unit and ICU were all very helpful and supportive of my family member and myself. The nurses in the Stroke Unit were very kind an...
    26 March 2014, 12:07
  • The worst physician works here - Sunil Ayyagari. If he is assigned to you, request someone new.
    26 February 2014, 04:53
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  • Dr. Jeffrey A Kurrus, MD Dr. Jeffrey A Kurrus, MD doctor profile
    1220 East 3900 SouthSalt Lake CityUtah
  • Dr. Gregory L Jewell, MD Dr. Gregory L Jewell, MD doctor profile
    621 South New Ballas Road Suite 695ASaint LouisMissouri
  • Dr. John D Cantwell, MD Dr. John D Cantwell, MD doctor profile
    275 Collier Road North West Suite 500AtlantaGeorgia
  • Dr. Mary C Maier, MD Dr. Mary C Maier, MD doctor profile
    2011 North West Myhre Place 203SilverdaleWashington
  • Dr. David C Bertoncini, MD Dr. David C Bertoncini, MD doctor profile
    720 Cedar StreetSouth BendIndiana