Hardin Memorial Hospital
913 North Dixie Avenue, 42701

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Location: Kentucky , Elizabethtown
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November 4th, 2018 1:49

Poor management at hospitals is almost cliche, but Hardin Memorial is among the worst.Let me say up front that many complaints I have seen about HMH (and many other hospitals) centers around the ER. This one does not. In fact, my wife had two good experiences at this ER during her recent pregnancy. This review is specific to the delivery of our baby and next 48 hours.My wife gave birth to our first three children in Virginia and our daughter at HMH via induction. The morning we showed up for the induction...
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  • I do not care for this awful place, I definitely should've gone somwehre else. nobody was on time with anything and they didn't really care for their jobs
    23 August 2018, 01:33
  • This was a great place to receive care! Everyone was so nice and poite and I felt really well taken care of here
    23 August 2018, 01:30