Versatile Herbal Medications

Versatile Herbal Medications

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Health problems don't always happen when we can get to a store or a pharmacy easily. While there are plenty that require immediate help, some of the less dire can be dealt with at home.

Bee Stings: Make a paste of baking soda and water. Apply it to the site of the sting to help draw out the venom. To help with pain and swelling, soaking in Epsom's salts can be helpful.

Sore Throat: Several spices can help soothe a sore throat. Cinnamon and cloves are the best two. They contain eugenol which has a mild anesthetic property. Don't use powdered forms of the herb. Instead, simmer whole cloves and/or a stick of cinnamon for twenty minutes. It's best taken hot.

Cinnamon can have some side effects to be aware of. Diabetics should check blood sugar levels because it may lower blood sugar. It can also cause intense sweating. It is wise not to get chilled if this happens.

Upset Stomach: There are two things that can help an upset stomach. Mint, particularly peppermint, can help with nausea. I recommend that they be in the form of mints, throwing up mint tea does not feel good.

Licorice is another source of relief. In fact it can help the entire alimentary canal, including sore throats. Caution has to be used for diabetics and those with high blood pressure. Licorice itself is very high in sugar and has a tendency to raise blood pressure dramatically. Diabetics can use DGL, a tablet that has had the sugar removed but there is no fix for blood pressure problems.

Gout: This has to be one of the most painful things that can happen to a person. It usually occurs in the middle of the night and even a bed sheet is intolerable when it touches the area.

Cherry juice is one of the things doctors recommend for this problem. It helps rid the body of uric acid crystals, the cause of the condition. Linnaeus, the father of botany, used strawberries for the same reason and had relief.

It is very important to remember that all herbal remedies have the possibility of interacting with medications. Check with your doctor and your pharmacist to make sure the remedies are right for you... and that the cause of the problem is minor. Sometimes a simple symptom is a sign of something far more dangerous.

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