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I went to my last doctor for pain management and a host of other elements that I had going wrong with me at the time for... five years and never had one single issue With me or my script and in fact commending me on how I was one of the last patients he had to be concerned with and not worry because of my demeanor honesty, and responsibility. David and his staff at advanced pain management accuse me of being an addict this just after my 2nd visit. although I'm not he is the one who meeds to do a medical evaluation on his addiction. Like his gut that sticks out 2 feet in front of him. It's clearly obvious he has a food addiction. My last physician switched me to morphine from oxycodone at one point to try and get my body to reacclimate from being acclimated to the oxycodone. A month before my doctor retired he switched me back to the Oxy's. After my doctor retired I sustained another injury. My sleep deprivation was just starting to take place because Of the increasing pain I was losing about 3 or 4 hours sleep at night. I started to go to the advanced pain management clinic in Fort Atkinson Because I got a referral from a friend, by the way don't ever do that! read about it online first. So now I'm in more pain than I was before leaving my old doctor that retired. The night or two nights before my appointment with them I had taken one of my morphine pills that my old doctor had prescribed to help me sleep because I was in complete exhaustion losing the sleep that I have been losing the oxy's ramp me up a little and the morphine seem to make me sleepy so that was a choice I made before bedtime rather than taking the oxy's On frist visit to see Advanced pain They drug tested me which is to be expected I knew they would I wasn't trying to get away with anything or hide anything they were valid prescriptions then they'll lower my prescription quantity From what my previous doctor of five years had me at by about an eighth to a third This was done before they even had the results back from the test Even though I'm in more pain than I have ever been before. I took it with a grain of salt and figured their the doctors they know better and it didn't say a word. The next two months I could barely sleep because of the drop in medication I've gotten about three hours sleep a night since they've lowered it. This was a work injury and I was required to go into work on light duty. And because of my extreme exhaustion and sleep deprivation I nodded off a couple of times at work and actually got in deep trouble for it. A 15 day suspension to be exact. Nice right? Everybody knows that if you're on a workers comp for an injury the first thing they try to do is get rid of you. I talked to the main surgeon I talked to another family doctor that I had I talked to another surgeon, a nurse practitioner about the sleep deprivation due to the pain. She believes it was from the drop and medication the first time. At night just so I could go to sleep I would take a shot of alcohol the next night it was two then three then fore You get the point just so I could go to sleep. Yes I realize drinking on this medicine is the dumbest thing of person can do Sadly when you're getting 3 to 4 hours sleep a night you'll do anything just to close your eyes To get a little sleep. at that point you don't care if you die or not. I was honest and told Work and advanced pain management of all the meds I was on that were all prescribed From my previous doctor When I went to see this guy again I explained to him that I was afraid that my drinking could get to the point where it got out-of-control and I wanted off these meds so I check myself and to a program clinic that could get me off of all of them. This pasta Twinkie addict of a doctor And I wouldn't normally call names And Perpetrate such a callow attitude but that's what he referred to me as has the nerve to call me an addict. Stating that my current script was the Oxy's and Fent i shouldn't have taken the morphine. Therefore I am an addict and he's cutting me completely off winning me down gently By the kindness of his heart. Because he This place claims I've violated their medication policy when the first month I went there is when I sign that policy that was the same day I took that first drug test with advanced pain management thats when it showed the morphine that I had taken two nights before to fall asleep. He claimed the amount fount of what was detected meant I was taking it more then the one or two nights I said I was. The one thing I have to say to the Porkchop addict is I'm a gastric bypass patient anything I take goes right through me I have half of intestines what do you think the rates going to look like when testing me. Also Mr. meatloaf addict gets to the ends and says my injury isn't enough to be on medicine anyway even though I'm completely in operable and I have been told Buy three different surgeons I will need two new knees very shortly I have nerve damage in my elbows.
Best of Luck to you and your future career because it is not going to last long if you keep treating patients with pree judgments without hardly talking to them and then when you do not even listening to what they have to say back to you. Sincerely Michael.
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707 14th Street
Wisconsin (WI)
 Phone:(608) 356-1400

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Office Address, 707 14th Street, Baraboo, Wisconsin (WI), 53913

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