Why stress counselling becomes mandatory

Why stress counselling becomes mandatory

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One feels stressed in his or her life due to many reasons. Bereavement of loved ones, or aloofness, or layoffs, or change in workplace, or family tensions and dysfunction – all these situations can cause problems in the life of an individual and as the result of which he or she starts feeling stressed.

Stress and its types

There are three different types of stress. These include:

The positive stress –It is the acute tension built up, motivating an individuals to take positive steps and show best performance.

The acute stress – Acute stress is caused as the result of short term response to specific kinds of situations that are often unplanned and sudden.

The chronic stress – This is the constant kind of stress. In this type of severe stress, the stressors are rooted deep into social and personal fabric of individual's life is some way or another.

On further scrutiny, stressful condition is bifurcated as either positive or negative, and all of it will depend on the kind of approach followed.  The term stressors is typically defined as correlational factors, which are responsible for creating distressed condition, pushing the individual to extremes of anxiety and panicky situations.

Why stress counselling?

Stress counselling is significantly one of the easiest methodologies put into practice to overcome stress. This counselling is administered by professional counsellors as well as therapists who have good knowledge as well as experience.

Stress counselling also puts forth an effective behavioral approach to look into serious issues, examine reactions that leads to stressful events. Post examination and analysis, stress counsellors will take charge of situations, helping individuals to turn stressful conditions into normal ones.

The counselling also focuses on stress management and other relevant procedures that are of immense importance to regulate life of individuals and make it come back to normal. A detailed analysis of individual's stress levels is taken into consideration and based on it a programme is organised. The de-stress methodologies used in stress counselling procedures brings a slow and gradual change in life of individual.

One of the most well-known and equally effective stress management techniques is the practising of meditation and relaxation. It helps in bursting the initial attacks of anxiety and quickly converts negative energy inside individual into positive one. The counsellor will look into different factors before going for meditation and relaxation. The key stressors are looked into and then relaxation techniques are applied to eliminate stress.

Calm and composed life is always at the centre point of stress counselling. The efforts of each counsellor are to ensure change in overall life and thought process. The counselling methodologies put into practise, works on several personal levels and individuals already living stressful lives begin to show improvement.

You can come over stress, provided, you have decided on it. Beating stress requires not just self-motivation, but also self-control. Stress counsellors can only help you to come over stressful conditions, only if you have decided that you will make change in your life.

The bespoke programme offers best stress counselling methodologies to help in boosting morale of individuals who are going through worst phases of their lives and dealing with stress on daily basis. The programme is designed on cognitive behaviour therapy.  This type of therapy lays focus on emotional behaviour and well-being of stressed individuals. It created value and this value brings an upliftment in social levels too.

Feeling stressed? The best thing to do is start searching for professional, reliable and holisitic stress counselling clinic. You will soon experience a change in your personality, thought process and everything else.


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