Seven habits that rob us the force

Seven habits that rob us the force

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First: the regular lack of sleep

Before, a person gave to sleep 8 hours, now - about 6.5. We have become less sleep because of the accelerated pace of life, are forced to engage in more and more affairs. But beyond this, the number of people suffering from sleep disorders increased. Many try to compensate the lack of sleep over the weekend. Special benefit is not brings. Lack of sleep during the day the body is able without prejudice to compensate the next day. Systematic failure to obtain "Compensation" during several days in a row, resulting in irritability, depressed mood, and obesity.

Second: the constant attempts to lose weight through diet

Lovers sit on a diet can be divided into three groups. Some (and minority) really parting with excess weight. In others nothing comes out - and they leave their attempt restrict their diet. Still others - select new diet or start one and the same every time from the beginning. These stubborn lovers of diets are at risk. They constantly feel guilty and frustrated for unfulfilled plans by weight loss, they try to punish myself more and more strict diet, suffer from constant hunger.

Third: chronic pain

Some people who experience chronic pain for years put off a visit to the doctor. However, studies show that between patients with depression, post traumatic syndrome and chronic pain there are some similarities. This so-called disadaptation reaction that expressed in muscle weakness, decreased appetite and libido, reduced physical activity, restless sleep and reduced concentration. Such a person is constantly  worn out, exhausted, and it greatly reduces the quality of life.

Fourth: the habit of drinking a lot of coffee

A cup of coffee adds cheerfulness, but liter of coffee every day, this takes. There is an effect of habituation, for vivacity required increasing dose, which is impossible to constantly increase. In addition, consumption of caffeinated beverages enhances dehydration. Those who find it difficult to abandon the habit of drink a few cups of coffee a day, it makes sense to combine them with drinking water throughout the day. However, those who do not drink coffee, water also does not hurt. Nutritionists recommend drinking 8 glasses of water daily.

Fifth: regular intake of energy drinks

Energy drinks should not become a regular drink. Taking this a sufficiently powerful stimulant, a person receives a loading dose of caffeine, taurine and ginseng. After such mobilization of internal reserves, the body needs recovery and rest. At particular risk are the liver, nervous and cardiovascular system. And with regular admission of power engineering happening an addictive, and "invigorating drink" with time invigorates are less and less.

Sixth: the lack of oxygen

A lack of oxygen from constant stay in a stuffy room slows down metabolism and lead to increased fatigue. Council more to walk after work, alas, can take advantage not everyone. Therefore, can search another way out: firstly, there are oxygen cocktails, and secondly, you can change breathing technique, making slow deep breaths, or refer to a relaxational breathing techniques.

Seventh: the lack of movement

Low mobility does not lead to economy of forces: the muscles lose without loading tone, eventually disappears energy. Moreover, physical activity not only reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases, but also the risk of depression, affect life expectancy.

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