10 things that is useful to know up to 40 years

10 things that is useful to know up to 40 years

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1. Work where to like

Life is too short to spend more than 40 hours a week at work, which leads to stress and does not bring satisfaction. Money - this is important, but more important is the happiness. There's no reason to cling to a job, stiffly smile and carry that load. Think about what you love to do and find a way to earn on his hobby. You will be much happier if you do so.

2. Decide on the goals and implement them

Determine what really brings you satisfaction is important and meaningful to you. Identify objectives takes time, it's hard work, but it's really worth it. Do not waste time on things that you do not need. Why live at random, if you can live real life having direction and meaning.

3. Love and accept yourself unconditionally

We are all unique. No need to condemn yourself, it only will lead to needless suffering, which will deprive the forces.
Only by accepting yourself with all the advantages and disadvantages, you will feel the freedom and be able to show their best qualities.

4. Understand that love is not eternal

Even the most close relationship may change. Marriage and friendship can break, love can disappear. You is constantly growing as a personality, and sometimes it happens that you just outgrow that you love. But remember, any relationship - it is important, even if they do not last long.

5. Cherish your parents

 We all know that no one lives forever. More often say to your parents how much you love them, because the time will come when will not be a possibility. That time will come without warning, so let your parents know what they mean to you.

6. Know that your body will change

As a part of you always believe that the parents will live forever, so and a part You believes that body will remain unchanged. You think that somehow the force of gravity on you is not valid. This is certainly not true. One day you will look in the mirror and wonder what this an older man looking at you. Just know - you are in good company.

7. Make savings

Take into the habit of postponing some of the money, even if you are still young. The sooner you start, the longer will accrue interest on your savings and the more they will grow. In order to in old age will not have to reduce their costs and more to work.

8. Understand that not everyone will love you

So there is no sense in trying to please everyone. There will always be someone who does not like you. And it is more characteristic of them than you. So do not waste a single minute, trying to change their opinion. Spend your time and energy on people who appreciate you.

9. Make your Wishlist

Wish List - those are the things that you would want to do in life.
Do not let the little things bother you everyday to live in the present. Write everything that you want to taste in lifetime. When you do something from this list, cross out the items one by one. You will find that your life really becomes happier.

10. Ask yourself, do you like your life

Sometimes our life goes on at the same pace as we do, and sometimes it revolves around us. Regularly ask yourself, do you like your life, if you have the opportunity to change something that hinders enjoy it. Life is one, so live as a dream.

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