The main symptoms of the disease of Spleen

The main symptoms of the disease of Spleen

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Everyone knows about the existence of a body such as the spleen. But to answer the question, what is the role assigned to it in the body will be able to very few people. Though is known about spleen and not so much, is safely possible to say that it is very important. So at the first symptoms of the disease of the spleen, it is recommended immediately contact a specialist.

Symptoms of the disease in a human spleen It is not known, but it is very likely that the spleen directly participates in blood filtering, maintaining the balance of the metabolic processes in the body, and also provides the normal blood clotting.

Diseases which affect the spleen, is quite a lot. The first symptoms of the spleen at the same time are vary.

Myocardial spleen

This disease becomes a cause of clogging of blood vessels that feed the body, due to which its functions are violated. The patient feels discomfort in the right hypochondrium and abdomen. It is often accompanied by:

  • severe nausea;
  • vomiting, not bringing the slightest relief;
  • fever;
  • chills.

Injuries, infections and inflammation

All of these factors can cause the formation of an abscess. Symptoms of this disease are similar to symptoms of splenic infarction:

  • heat;
  • fever;
  • chills;
  • soreness.


The spleen is susceptible to infection tubercle bacillus. Tuberculosis spleen a pronounced symptoms has not. One of the most obvious manifestations - fever during long term.

A benign tumor

Often, at the body are formed a cysts. Symptoms of this disease shown not at once - only when the tumor is substantially increased in size. Because of the enlarged size of the cyst is increased the spleen.

Parasitogenic defeat

Increased spleen when the leishmaniasis - a parasitic disease that occurs infrequently. The patient feels the weakness, was suffering from the heat, on the body there are as small bruises and bruises. The illness also causes swollen lymph nodes and liver.

Pathology of blood

Negatively affect on the spleen a blood disease. Verlgofa syndrome - a vivid example. The main symptom of the disease of the spleen in women and men, in this case - to change the composition of blood. Because of illness, patients feel weak, suffering from dizziness, bleeding of mucous.

To suspect problems and to go for an examination to doctor should at decrease hemoglobin, appearance of bruises on the body, even with minor injuries and regular bleeding.

Treatment of diseases of the Spleen

Treatment in each case is individually, but on the same principle. First of all, therapy should be directed at combating the disease, because of which there were signs of problems with the spleen.

Usually medicamental treatment is enough. Often, for the treatment of diseases of the spleen are used antibiotics. But do not forget that taking any drugs can be prescription-only specialist.

To removal of the spleen, doctors are trying to resort only in extreme cases, when the medicines and physiotherapy, and alternative therapies have proved impotent.

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