Flatulence. If your stomach rumbles

Flatulence. If your stomach rumbles

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Anyone familiar with the situation, when suddenly in a stomach discomfort occur, accompanied by a loud rumbling. Especially uncomfortable feeling people when this happens in a public place, as it attracts the attention of strangers and makes complexes.

In fact, nothing surprising in this condition no. It is called flatulence and conditioned by a large accumulation of gas in the intestines. It is because of this, and there are symptoms such as rumbling and "bursting" feeling.

Causes of rumbling in the intestine

There are a number of reasons why your gut starts to behave not like usual. The most common ones are:

  • Hunger. Rumbling sounds often occur on an empty stomach. This is especially observed in the morning or before dinner time. To get rid of rumbling, just enough to eat;
  • Stress and strong emotion. Often, with the phenomenon as the rumbling in the stomach person faces in such important and exciting events for him, as an examination, conference or an important meeting;
  • Binge eating. For a long time without taking food, people prone to overeating, which is also fraught with similar sounds in a stomach.

Additionally, noises occur in a stomach because of the rhythmic contraction of intestines and stomach walls and, in this case causes more serious, and should not leave them unattended:

  • Partial bowel obstruction;
  • Allergies to certain foods;
  • Ingestion of chemical stimuli for intestines such as alcohol, and also products containing toxins;
  • Violation of the digestive processes;
  • Gastroenteritis caused by infection.

Treatment of rumbling in the intestine

Having defined the causes of rumbling in a stomach, you should start treatment. To get rid of flatulence, there are many medicines that, if necessary, must appoint a specialist. Also, get rid of some rumbling in the stomach will help the diet and changing eating regime. Here are some tips to help avoid the symptoms described above and will not allow you to be in an awkward position:

  • Well chew. The slower you eat, the less you swallow air, the better the food is digested, and the less gas is formed. Prolonging the eating, you will help prevent sudden discharge of gas.
  • Watch out for provocateurs. According to doctors, the main culprits of the gassing - cabbage, sweet corn and beans. In general, all fruits and vegetables contribute to gassing. But without them not to manage: they are rich in fiber and low in fat. Moreover, they reduce the risk of colon cancer. If bloating is from fruits and vegetables, eat them less, or replace them with other fiber-rich foods - cereals from whole grains, bran.
  • Avoid sugar substitutes. Few people know that the sorbitol - a natural carbohydrate which is used as a sweetener in chewing gum and sweets without sugar, very poorly digested and promotes the formation of gas.
  • Live without carbonated beverages. Bubbles in mineral water, beer, champagne and other fizzy drinks inflate the bowel and enhance carminative. Replace these drinks with water or low-calorie juices with reduced sugar content.
  • Avoid caffeine. According to doctors, the caffeine causes irritation of the large intestine, which often manifests itself as a rumbling stomach and increased separation of gases. To refuse a coffee is not enough, caffeine is also present in tea, chocolate.
  • Engage in physical exercise or yoga. Movement improve peristalsis, and gases do not accumulate and not stagnate in the intestine. Reduce flatulence will help exercise - walking, swimming, cycling.
  • Less be nervous and try to avoid stressful situations.

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