All Diseases of a Nerves!

All Diseases of a Nerves!

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Everything that happens with our body - it is the fruit of our thoughts and feelings. All our thoughts, feelings, internal settings are real and have a huge impact on our life, how we confidently go through it, successfully cope with difficulties.

Temper, character,mental attitude and even behavior may affect susceptibility to a particular disease.


Gastric ulcer is inherent to eternally dissatisfied, gloomy and irritable people. Choleric and melancholic - the people who easily fall into depression or rage. And do not confident people, who are often doubtful, have low self-esteem and think that nobody likes them.


 To this scourge Exposed the emotional, very sensitive and vulnerable natures which sensitive to negative. And also shy people who by their nature, on the contrary, can not speak out, and splash out the emotions.


Looming to people seizing their problems a sweet; who loves to command and to manipulate people; those who have a heightened sense of anxiety and worry for any occasion; Sensitive people.

Stones in the kidneys

Threaten a kidney stones - impulsive people who at the same time holding back their emotions.


High blood pressure is more common in people with anxiety, mistrust, prone to inflate from the flies the elephant. Because of this they are constantly under stress and even panic.

Bronchial asthma

Smothers those people who are afraid of life, often doubted, it is difficult to adapt to everything and having negative emotions inside.

Heart diseases

Myocardial infarction is threatened as a soft, infantile people who often are going through for everyone. And on the contrary, violent, extremely demanding for all people around, which is why they often suffer from loneliness.

Scoliosis, osteochondrosis

It happens often in those who are depressed, a keen sense of his loneliness, not able to enjoy life and to notice the good.

To avoid stress and a bad mood and did not give the slightest chance of developing the disease, it is impossible:

  • Pretend nothing happened. Any trouble that happened with you need to go through and understand and then to forget for a long time or it will get stuck in your head.
  • You can not put yourself in the place people with whom there was a misfortune. If the state of emergency did not happen with you and your loved ones, minimize this.
  • It is impossible to keep the negative in itself. We need to cry out, hit the table with his fist, break a plate - do anything, just to splash out emotions.
  • You can not keep in mind the sad thoughts in a circle. Tear them remember the happy moments of life, they are at each person and think positively about the future.
  • It can not be regarded as a failure of their own inadequacy. It is necessary to convince myself, "I'm smart, talented, successful man, I just was not lucky today".
  • We can not succumb to bad mood, despondency. We must to distract from bad thoughts in any way - to go  to the exhibition, in a movie, to be more often in the company of cheerful people.
  • You can not limit yourself to food, or vice versa, to overeat. It is necessary at least once a day to eat a hot meal and consume foods killing negative emotions: fruits, vegetables, herbs (cilantro, basil, celery), hazelnut, sea fish.
  • Do not take a harsh reality close to the heart,  find happy moments in each passing day, learn to relax after work, cultivate a positive attitude, and then diseases of the nerves you can avoid.

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