What You Need to Understand About Fertility Treatment

What You Need to Understand About Fertility Treatment

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Many couples will try to conceive for months on end, some couples find themselves trying for years before they start looking at fertility treatment options. Couples under thirty-five that have tried to conceive for a year or more or those over thirty-five that have tried for six months should consider seeking help to find if they need fertility treatment to start their family.

Deciding to start a family is such an exciting time, unfortunately not everyone is lucky enough to fall pregnant in the first cycle; many couples take months, even years to conceive. It is devastating blow; it leads to depression, anxiety and stress. Stress is a serious problem as it can cut the chances of conception.

There are a number of medications and fertility treatments you can consider from medicines, such as Clomid, which stimulates ovulation to increase the chances of success. In most instances, especially in the United Kingdom, a couple struggling to conceive will be given Clomid in the first instance; the dosage is dependent on the doctor and the age of the couple.

Should the medication not work, then there are rules which is taken into consideration. There is IUI, which is intrauterine insemination which is when the sperm directly into the womb. This is timed with ovulation to increase the chances of success.

When that doesn't work there is IVF. IVF is in-vitro fertilization and takes place outside the human body. Usually women put on ovulation medication to produce eggs, which are then harvested and mixed with sperm before being placed back in the womb. The success of IVF is based on the quality of the eggs and sperm. Some older couples have to consider donor eggs and sperm to increase their chances of getting pregnant and starting their family.

There are risks to all the fertility treatments, the main one being that the risk of multiple pregnancies is highly increased. While you may be planning for your single baby, if you do fall pregnant you may be shocked to find that you are having twins, maybe even triplets. With IVF two eggs are usually used, which limits the pregnancy to twins, but with medications, the risk of more than two babies can be increased.

When you get to the point of looking at the various fertility treatments available, it's advisable to seek the assistance of a fertility coach. Fertility coaches can help you through the process, they can help you cut stress and prepare your body and mind for the process ahead.

Fertility treatment is not a walk in the park; but an exhausting, frustrating and very taxing experience. As a woman are various hormone medications which can cause side effects, you go through treatments and in some cases, you can come out on the other end without any luck. Not to mention, these treatments are not cheap, especially if you are an older couple and don't qualify for treatment on the National Health Service, which is very limited and only caters to women up to forty-two years of age offering one course of IVF.

It is imperative that you start exercising as soon as possible and eat a healthy and well-balanced diet to keep up your weight. Being overweight or obese can have a negative impact on your chances of c

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