5 main stages of preparation for Pregnancy

5 main stages of preparation for Pregnancy

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Before the start of pregnancy, it is important to prepare yourself mentally and it is necessary to go and consult a doctor. This will help to raise the chances of successful conception and birth of a healthy child.

1. Psychological preparation.

The child should be a welcome, so to his birth is necessary to prepare in advance. Many families are preparing in advance for the birth of the baby, but for a large number of future mothers this news befalls like a snowball. This step greatly increases the chances of having a healthy baby.

2. Medical examination.

As soon as decision was made to give birth to the child, contact your doctor for a checkup. Inspection will reveal whether you have health problems or that can be dangerous for you and your baby during pregnancy.

3. Healthy diet.

Meals during the first three months of pregnancy is important for the health of the future child, so it is best to prepare in advance. It is necessary to eat the right food. Here are some tips for healthy eating:

- At least three times a day, eat dairy products - it helps the body to stock up on calcium;
- Reduce intake of caffeine;
- As much as possible, reduce or eliminate the hydrogenated vegetable oils and transgenic fats (confectionery, processed foods, margarine).

Be attentive to their own, without consulting a doctor, receiving food additives: their uncontrolled consumption can be harmful. It is desirable for some time before conception, consult with your doctor about the dosage of vitamin B9.

If you are a supporter of a vegetarian diet, be sure to inform your doctor, because vitamin B12, which is responsible for cell regeneration and blood, only contained in animal products.

4. Lifestyle.

The main cause of many pathologies is often a way of life. Of course, during pregnancy should avoid taking alcohol, tobacco, etc. Reception of these toxic substances should be avoided until the conceiving of a child, because they affect fertility. Alcohol negatively affects the process of ovulation, and tobacco reduces  the performance of the ovaries and blood flow uterus, which in turn leads to a decrease in the chances of conceiving a child.

In the period before conception need to be in good moral and psychological condition, as the hormones produced during stress, interfere with fertility and healthy development of the fetus.

5. Do not pull to report about the pregnancy.

In recent years, the percentage of women who report to doctors about her pregnancy after the first trimester, is constantly increasing. However, the delay in the onset of prenatal care threatens the health of mother and child, for example, increases the risk of miscarriage. Try to do an ultrasound in the first trimester (11 to 13 weeks of pregnancy). This is important because it will help detect anomalies or malformations.

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