Signs of Ovulation

Signs of Ovulation

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Ovulation - a process in which there is an emission of one or more eggs cell from bursted ovarian follicles. Every woman's ovulation signs are observed individually.

Common features of ovulation, which are observed in the majority women are:

  • Changes in the consistency of cervical fluid, resembling egg whites. Ovulation usually occurs on the day when  is allocated the greatest number of wet liquid. Immediately after ovulation vaginal secretions acquire a different texture and exude a lesser extent.
  • Change basal indicators of body temperature. Approximation of an ovulation is accompanied by some decrease in temperature, which increases sharply after the release of the female reproductive cells.
  • Change the position of the cervix or its hardness. The cervix goes through many changes during ovulation. A clear sign of ovulation is a soft, open and wet condition of this part of the female genitals.

After examining the three main features of ovulation, you can accurately predict its precise offensive and to prevent an unwanted pregnancy, or on the contrary increase the chances of successful conception.

In addition to listed above symptoms, there is a secondary reaction to the ejection of egg cell, which women may experience in addition to the three main signs. Secondary signs of ovulation are:

  • Bloody minor vaginal secretions;
  • Convulsions or small pain on one side of the pelvis;
  • Breast tenderness;
  • Abdominal distension;
  • Headache, nausea;
  • Increased sexual desire;
  • A heightened sense of smell and taste;
  • Mood swings, increased nervousness and capriciousness.

Methods determining ovulation

1. Calendar method - used in a stable menstrual cycle. Any girl can perform calculation itself. During the menstrual cycle 28 days ovulation occurs on 13 - 16 days. If the cycle 30 days - 14 - 17 days.

2. Determine the timing of ovulation can help US - ultrasound diagnostics.

3. The traditional method of calculating ovulation - calendaring basal temperature.

4. Most of the women for determining ovulation uses rapid tests. Such tests react to content in the urine of women special luteinizing hormone.

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