HCG diet recipes for breakfast lunch and dinner

HCG diet recipes for breakfast lunch and dinner

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In this article some of the things related to hcg diet recipes are discussed which describe the basic calculation related to calorie consumption.

HCG diet was introduces basically for fats weight loss. Generally metabolic function of body is controlled by hormone like HCG. If you want to reshape your body then taking HCG injections can be of great use. Such injections can prove to be helpful when you follow hcg diet properly. It is important to gain details about HCG diet recipes if you successfully want to lose weight. Following hcg diet properly can allow you to lose 1 to 2 lbs weight aptly.

This type of diet is suitable for men as well as for women.

Original hcg diet says that you don't have to eat anything in breakfast except consuming refreshments like tea or coffee. Even coffee and tea can be consumed with no added cream or sugar. You can consider adding zero calorie sweeteners in your refreshment. Nowadays some clinics allow consuming half apple or grapefruit in breakfast. Look for the clinic that plans diet depending on your health conditions. Some clinic also advice you to connect to your doctor in order to understand your health conditions and decide for hcg weight loss treatment accordingly.

Lunch in this diet plan should include basically 100gms of protein.

There should be no fat to the protein and you cannot even add any fatty substance while looking meal.  Seafood, white fish, chicken breast, etc are some of the things that can meet protein content. With it you can add any of the single vegetable from celery, cucumber, spinach, asparagus, etc. One piece of Melba toast can be consumed with it and you can also eat one fruit. Fruit can be orange, apple or strawberries. Add vegetable and spices of make food little interesting. Every day you can change combination of vegetable to gain different taste. Clinic you select online should guide you with such hcg diet recipes.

Diner is similar to lunch where you can just change the combination of meat and vegetable to gain unusual taste.

In lunch and dinner some of spices you can use are basil, thyme, rosemary, curry, etc. Use organic vegetables to maintain health while preparing lunch or dinner. Eat healthy and low calorie food with such diet to successfully lose weight. Ensure that your diet plan is such where you do not intake more than 500 calories in a day. HCG diet recipes selected by you should be verified by clinic expert. This helps in understanding whether you are following right diet or not.


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