5 Natural Ways To Cure Eczema For The Long Term

5 Natural Ways To Cure Eczema For The Long Term

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If you're sick and tired of the continual itching from your eczema rash, then you will find this article useful. In it, you will find some tips for how to get rid of eczema at home using only natural methods and no medication. When your eczema condition is not severe, you can treat it with these eczema home remedies that don't involve using any medically prescribed drugs.

Moisturize Your Dry Eczema Skin

When you suffer with eczema, you have a dry skin condition. This means that your skin does not provide an adequate barrier and so is open to irritations when allergens come into contact with it. The skin of an eczema sufferer does not retain moisture as well as someone who does not have the condition. This means your eczema skin needs far more attention and care. Moisturize with a natural eczema cream as often as you can to lock in moisture and improve the barrier to irritants.

Moisturizing after your bath is one of the best eczema treatments you can use. Take a warm, short bath or shower. Long hot baths and showers have a drying effect on your skin. Use a non-soap based cleanser as normal soap is very drying and can contain chemicals that will further irritate your skin. Add a natural oil like olive or tea tree oil to your bath. When drying with your towel use a patting motion rather than vigorous rubbing.

Make It A Habit To Read The Labels

When you have eczema you will need to become more aware of what ingredients are in the products you use in your home. Aim to use cleaning products which have fewer ingredients in them as these are more likely to be natural. Avoid products which contain known eczema irritants. Things like washing up detergent, laundry liquid, fabric softeners and any other ordinary household products can cause eczema rashes. You will need to keep trying different products until you find one that does not irritate your eczema rash.

Minimize Scratching

If your child has eczema and is scratching at night causing sores and bleeding, try getting them to wear gloves or mittens at night. All-in-one pyjamas will also stop them from scratching their skin directly. When they start scratching, try to distract them with an activity to take their minds off their itchy skin. Applying a moisturizer can also soothe the itching feeling too. Get your child to apply their own eczema emollient and reward them when they do.

Choose Clothing and Bed Linen Made From Natural Fibres

Some materials used to make our clothes and bed sheets can irritate skin that is prone to eczema. For this reason you need to choose materials made from natural fibres like pure cotton or silk.

Keep Your Home Free From Pet Dander

Some people can react to pet dander which collects in the home. Vacuum carpets and furniture regularly to remove as much dander as possible. It would be a good idea to remove all carpets from your home as well. Keeping your home dust free can help too.

Get started by putting these 5 tips into your daily routine and you'll soon see how much more manageable your eczema rashes become. Simple lifestyle changes like these will enable you to get rid of eczema for the long-term without using medication.

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