How to get rid of Hanging birthmarks

How to get rid of Hanging birthmarks

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Birthmarks are congenital or acquired. Some may present a danger to human health.

Hanging moles look like small buds with an inhomogeneous structure. They can appear anywhere on the body, most often found on the neck, under the arms or the body. It is dangerous when a mole appears in the open area of the body, because, damaging a birthmarks, can cause bleeding.

In most cases, hanging birthmarks are not dangerous, but if there is a large number, then consult your doctor - dermatologist.

In any case, per the birthmarks is necessary watch. With the increase in their size, change colors and shapes, necessary to consult a doctor. Especially during inflammation or bleeding.

Reasons of occurrence hanging of birthmarks:

- Frequent exposure to the sun and solariums;

- HPV infection;

- Changes in the hormones (eg during puberty or pregnancy);

- Pathology of internal organs with chronic;

- Oncological processes.

Hanging birthmark can appear anywhere, but most often appears on the formation of the neck, on the back, in the axillary and inguinal folds.

Hanging birthmarks on the neck is very susceptible to injury, and ultraviolet light, so also often subject to removal in a specialized medical facility.

 Removing of birthmarks hanging

There are several ways to remove of birthmarks, method is determined by a doctor after the test.

  • The most common method of removal is considered liquid nitrogen. But when using this method may result defeat of a healthy skin area, located near the birthmark.
  • Removal of electrocution. The disadvantages of this method is the fact that it can cause burns of the body, although this method is considered one of the most effective.
  • The pressure of birthmarks with the tungsten filament. After this operation does not remain any marks on the skin.
  • The most modern method is considered to be the removal of a laser beam.

Treatment folk remedies

 Apart from above mentioned methods, there are folk ways to remove neoplasms.

  • Permanently lubricated the birthmark with iodine solution as long as it does not dry up and disappear.
  • Tied with a hanging birthmark at the base, using the hairs. A few days later it wither and fall off.
  • Cauterize the surface of birthmarks juice of celandine. This should be done very carefully so as not to cause a burn healthy skin adjacent to the birthmark.

 Remember! It is better not to risk and not to self-medicate, and seek professional help.

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