General medical activities conducted at all kinds of bleeding

General medical activities conducted at all kinds of bleeding

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If the bleeding does not to terminate in time, people die from blood loss. It's enough to lose about a liter of it. In cases of serious injury, it can happen in a matter of minutes. For the salvation life of a person first aid for bleeding, should be provided immediately.

First aid for bleeding is a set of emergency sequential actions. First aid for external bleeding begins with the following:

1. Need to make sure that the victim is alive.

2. Then raise much as possible into a vertical position the injured part of the body.

3. You need using any material, handkerchief, clothing - bandage the wound.

After the adoption of the measures to stop bleeding necessary at the wound apply a bandage. Directly on the wound itself you need to put a napkin or handkerchief, and on top you need to put something hard and small.

 It is strictly forbidden to extract  foreign objects from wound. Doing so may result in deterioration condition of the patient, result in a violation of tissue as well as increase bleeding.

Important points when stopping of bleeding

  • If the blood from the wound is a bright and streaming, bleeding arterial - you must use the harness and to pinch the artery above the wound, and put under it something soft.
  • In case of damage vein - severe bleeding will not be - It will be enough to lift up the damaged part of the body for the speedy termination of an incomplete bleeding and cover up wound by a suitable material.
  • If bleeding is heavy - necessary apply a tourniquet above the wound and keep as long until stop be palpable pulse.
  • Do not leave the tourniquet during a period exceeding 1.5-2 hours depending on the time of year, or may be necrosis of tissues. During this time, the patient need to deliver as quickly as possible to the nearest hospital to provide skilled care.
  • It is very important when applying tourniquet - to make a note about the time of rendering first aid to the victim.
  • First Aid to man with blood loss should be momentary, and the more effective, the sooner will be provided after the injury.

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