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Pulmonology     -  New York,  Port Jervis
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  • Aetna
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  • Amalgamated Clothing & Textile Workers Union WC

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  • Nothing but problems from the office staff. You cannot believe anything they told you. I have one more step to make and I am sure I will get answers from this particular office.
    09 April 2015, 03:34
  • What a disgrace!I came to this doctor because I've been feeling sick and coughing for almost a month. Dr. Martinez-Catinchi had me hunch over and he proceeded to tap my back with his fingers to try to hear the sound in my lungs. That's it! That was my entire examination!He then prescribed me a pill and a steroid inhaler. When I asked if there was any kind of test that he can actually do to see what was wrong with me instead of just prescribing medication, he became insulted and told me h...
    22 January 2015, 09:19
  • Where did Dr. Pean go? I can no longer find him.
    24 June 2014, 10:11