A lack of calcium in the body: the symptoms and signs.

A lack of calcium in the body: the symptoms and signs.

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Calcium is an extremely important mineral for normal body functions. It is the single most important component for healthy bone formation and for improving bone strength and preventing bone loss.

Calcium is a natural mineral found plentiful in milk, but large populations around the world are lactose intolerant; lactose is a sugar compound found in milk which is not easily absorbed by many people because the small intestine does not produce sufficient quantities of an enzyme called lactase that is required to digest lactose. Hence, other calcium supplements have to be introduced in the diet to fulfill the body's requirement.

Natural remedies or treatment helps in better absorption of calcium from foods and supplements. These are:

• Dairy products like buttermilk, curd and paneer
• Green leafy vegetables like kale and spinach
• Honey and lemon juice with warm water
• Sesame seeds - one or two spoons each day contribute to good calcium content
• Soy and soybean products counter calcium deficiency
• Banana is a rich source of calcium and phosphorus
• Vitamin D helps in better calcium absorption - sunlight is a source of natural Vitamin D and exposure to sunlight every day makes bones strong and healthy.

Certain sections of the population like women and children are particularly vulnerable to calcium deficiency and weak bones; most children develop lactose intolerance in childhood which is mostly never corrected and women through all ages, from 30 to menopause suffer various degrees of calcium deficiency through inadequate hormone function, childbirth and menopause.

The naturally aging process of the body can cause osteoporosis or weakening of the bone structure in addition to arthritis and rheumatism. Some other factors hasten these symptoms such as dietary deficiencies, after effects of drugs and inadequate exercise. Calcium supplements are not only useful in strengthening bones but also helpful in healing and prevention of fractures as well as aching bones.

Homeopathic medicines cannot reverse bone loss but they aid in better balance of minerals and elements in the body and proper utilization of these.

Some of the commonly used homeopathic remedies for calcium deficiency diseases are:

Calcarea Carbonica - helps people who tire easily due to exertion and who feel great amounts of stress

Calcarea Phosphorica - for aching of bones in the upper back, hips and neck

Phosphorus - for spine weakness and burning pain between shoulder blades

Silicea - for low resistance to infection, delicate appearance and general weakness in spine

Symphytum - for those with bone weakness or osteoporosis

Dosages for homeopathic remedies for treating calcium deficiency diseases are to be followed through instructions from certified physicians.

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