5 tips to the patient how to prepare for Surgery

5 tips to the patient how to prepare for Surgery

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How correctly prepare for surgery:

  • Change lifestyle

If the patient does not comply with diet, sleep and generally leads a wrong way of life, then before the operation better rethink their day regimen and diet. A healthy lifestyle can help the body recover and gain strength for the upcoming surgery.

  • To refuse from bad habits

3-4 weeks before the surgery, the patient is recommended to give up alcohol and smoking. Nicotine adversely affects the respiratory system and after surgery are frequently observed a complications (bronchitis, pneumonia). Alcohol decreases the liver's ability to neutralize toxic substances, vascular system suffers due to the unstable operation of the heart. Besides alcohol leads to disruption of blood coagulation, resulting may occur formation of thrombi or begin bleeding.

  • Improve your diet

If it does not require treatment, should abandon strict diets. No more than 2 weeks before the operation should go on balanced nutrition. The basis of the diet should be fish dishes, lean meat, vegetables and fruit. Eliminate high-calorie and fatty foods, pickles, smoked food. Before the operation is strictly forbidden food of the fast food, unfamiliar dishes and exotic fruits due to possible allergies.

  • Improve the physical form

Before surgery, you must, at least minimally, to bring your body in shape. Elementary morning gymnastics, walks in the fresh air will help to prepare the body. Especially on it should pay attention to patients with excess weight. Getting rid of the a couple of extra kilos will significantly reduce the burden on the heart and accelerate the process of rehabilitation.

  • Consult with your doctor about medicines

Before the operation, compulsorily patient should tell your doctor about all medications taken lately. You must also tell your doctor about any allergic reactions that sometime occurred in a patient. This will determine the choice of anesthesia and the necessary preparations for surgery.

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