Keep your posture right!

Keep your posture right!

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Causes of scoliosis

 Scoliosis threatens a curvature of the pelvic bones, forming a hump and the appearance of serious health problems. The causes of scoliosis may become like pathology in the development of the fetus, so and acquired back problems. If the mother does not refuse of healthy exercise, eat right and has no bad habits, her baby will be born healthy. As for acquired diseases, the cause could be an or illness (tuberculosis, sciatica , rickets) Another important cause of scoliosis - a wrong position of the body when sitting. If you do not watch yourself during sedentary work or study, the scoliosis is very easy to get.

 Symptoms and consequences

 Scoliosis can be treated. The main time it to diagnose. You should  to address to a rheumatologist if:

 -          you have different height blades or different height of the shoulders;

-          distance from waist to each hand differs.

 Curvature of the spine can be clearly seen if you lean and take a look at your back.

 If you notice symptoms of scoliosis - start health program. In the treatment of scoliosis is necessary to adhere to the correct physical exercise, which will eventually lead to straighten of the spine and will contribute to the normalization of the processes occurring in the body.

 Under a heavy load, to the underlying disease can be obtained stretch fabric deformation due to internal organs, pinching the nerve trunks, which can lead to the development of other pathologies. There are headaches, and pain in the chest, abdomen and lower back. Are observed circulatory disorders, digestion and metabolism.


 If you have scoliosis of the first stage or your work involves prolonged strain on your back, you need a prevention of the disease. Watch for the load on the spine: it must be uniform, be sure to go in for sports and other physical exercises under the supervision of a trainer.

 It is very beneficially affects on the spine massage, swimming and physiotherapy. Watch for yourself, eat enough vitamins and minerals for strengthening bones.

 To prevent scoliosis bed should be firm. Use a stiff small pillow or cushion. Get used to sleep at all without it.

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