How Cope with the Internal Critic?

How Cope with the Internal Critic?

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We all sometimes faced with the inner critic - a voice that ominously tells us that what we are doing - disgustingly and bad. It is better not to start, because everything will turn out badly anyway.

What is the danger the presence of a critical voice ?! Usually emotions "badness" and "uselessness" is so strong that we deprive ourselves of a clean sweep of creativity, when we can not comply with their own standards. Are there any advantage? Yes, there is - Inner Critic saves us from possible disappointment, failure and rejection.

Normally, man gradually is improved in that he is interested in and takes pleasure from gradual development of their skills.

Inner Critic in its extreme negative manifestations - interferes with life, his score does not give us even begin to act. It can extend to any areas of life: work, socializing, hobbies.

The root of the emergence of internal criticism - in our childhood. Once we have experienced the pain of disappointment or shame because of the fact that parents or other important adults have scolded us.

No parent can be perfect, and therefore all of us when we were kids, anyhow faced with the unpleasant and sometimes extremely stringent punishment for inappropriate actions for adults.

The inner critic can be the result of parental rejection and high bar of expectations: "Our child is bound to be better and it should turn out all immediately."

In order to avoid the negative impact of the evil critical voices on our life and work, you need patience. Do not assume that you can come to an understanding with the Inner Critic and cope quickly.

First, always need remembered, that you no longer a child, and you can do what you want and how you like, without waiting for approval from.

Secondly, always will be such part of the audience, of which will like what you've do. Do not put yourself too high bar, do not repeat the mistakes of parents.

Third, and most importantly - the perfection comes with experience. Be creative, and eventually you will succeed. Patience and time often are the key factors influencing of success.

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