Ayurvedic Medicines - Back to Basics

Ayurvedic Medicines - Back to Basics

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Ayurveda is one of the oldest methods which can help one to overcome any health related issues in a natural way. Best part of it is there are no side effects of Ayurvedic medicines.

There is one quote in English: "Old is Gold". This saying is not just a simple quote but actually carries great weight in it. Now we all are standing in this 21st century in an artificial and technology driven era. However, we should also know our ancient treasures very well which are engraved in our culture, tradition and heritage cannot be equaled with so called modernity and superficiality. With the advancement in medical field and with the availability of several eye dazzling pills, tonics, equipments, tools etc. still many problems or issues are not getting completely cured, instead getting even worse day by day.

Ayurveda is one of the best ways to overcome such issues. There are different ayurvedic medicines and treatments available in India which helps to cure worst to worst health issues. Ayurvedic Treatment has been with us since ages and continues to be in high demand today, because it is capable to bring desired result even though it takes times. It takes time because it does not solely work on the symptoms or signs of the health concerns but goes one step ahead in getting the causes uprooted from within us and making sure they do not pay us visit in future. Ayurveda is one such destination for all the people with any or every kind of health and beauty related related issues. Kerala in India is the birthplace of Ayurveda and you can rest assured thinking you have knocked the door of the correct one as your concerns will not be kept unattended.

The 3 Pillars of Ayurveda

The 3 pillars or the most detrimental factors influencing our overall health and also beauty factors are Pitta, Baat and Kaff. These three pillars also known as Ayurvedic Body Doshas. If these 3 are in harmony with each other inside our body then we can enjoy a good health from within and a glowing and radiant beauty from outside. However, in most cases and due to unhealthy living and dieting practices these 3 are always in fight with each other. One of them succeed and starts dominating the other two which lead to different abnormal symptoms externally depending on which one reached the extreme point.

If Pitta reaches the extremity then the most common symptom is to get angry all the time, get irritated on even small matters from behavioral point of view. One always feels very hot, his or her palms and foot feel hot all the time and sweats. Hair fall, discoloration of hair and every possible issue with hair can be noticed with them. Skin ailments like pimples, blemishes, redness and unwanted marks can be witnessed. In case of Baat the person will have complaints of being underweight no matter what he or she eats, restlessness, anxiety, dryness of skin and hair and gas related problems. For Kaff dominated people they naturally gain weight even if they eat less, always sweat no matter what, have cold and cough issues most of the time, swelling of face, popping of eyes etc.

Ayurvedic Spa treats on each of this depending on the situation and not just on the outward beauty related concerns. Through various kind of oil massaging with Ayurvedic oils blended or boiled with several herbs can get the toxins oozed out of the skin pores and penetrate deep within to give desired results. Ayurvedic clinics or spas works on their diet plans understanding the dominance of one of the 3 in customer's body.

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