Collagen Diseases in Children

Collagen Diseases in Children

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The pathogenesis of collagen diseases in children

In development of the pathological process involves the following constituent elements of connective tissue - cells, a basic substance and connective fibers. The connective tissue in the body not only performs supporting function, but also a protective function, plays an important role in metabolic processes. Under the influence of certain factors happening disorganization of connective tissue, fibrinoid deposition, the formation of inflammatory of granulomas, lesions of small vessels, arterioles and venules.

Here are some collagen diseases:

  • Systemic lupus erythematosus;
  • Systemic scleroderma;
  • Periarteritis nodosa (Kussmaul - Mayer disease);
  • Wegener's granulomatosis;
  • Giant cell arteritis (Takayasu's disease);
  • Dermatomyositis;
  • Rheumatoid arthritis (juvenile rheumatoid arthritis;
  • Primary chronic polyarthritis).

The etiology of collagen diseases

The rapid development of the lymphatic system, ranging from 4 to 14 years ahead of its development into adulthood. The immunological reactivity of the organism depends on the relationship between the spleen, thymus, bone marrow and lymph nodes, as well as on the state of these bodies. Etiological factors are not yet sufficiently developed.

Clinic collagen diseases in children

Clinical manifestations of collagen diseases in children have a tendency to a pronounced exudative manifestations of the mucous membranes and serous cavities, occurs dystrophy, the process is spreading rapidly, and in it are involved vital organs and systems.

  • Fever wrong type;
  • Changes in the skin;
  • Articular syndrome;
  • Systemic vasculitis.

For the diagnosis of collagen diseases shall take into account clinical data, genetic, epidemiological, immunological and serological. If you suspect a collagen nature of the disease the child should be urgently admitted to a specialized hospital rheumatology.

Forecast of connective tissue disease is an unfavorable due to the high risk of disability. Only the correct tactics in the period of complete or partial remission, long and hard, under the supervision of highly qualified specialists can help the patient.

Currently, found progressive methods of treatment those previously incurable diseases, so the prognosis is significantly improved. Through proper treatment an acute forms of collagen disease becomes chronic, occur persistent clinical remission and the child can live a full life.

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