Quick Tips from the Cold

Quick Tips from the Cold

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The onset of autumn and the sharp cooling marked the beginning of the period of colds. In order to the coming winter not spend in the bed rest, it is desirable to protect the body in advance, with the most affordable and effective means approved by the official medicine.

Tip number 1: Warm drink

Coming from the street, at home, at work, try to warm up the body warm cinnamon tea or herbal infusion. If worried about the throat, add a teaspoon of honey, fresh grated ginger and a slice of lemon - perfect prevention of colds during the working day. And at home can to enjoy with health benefits of a tea with mint leaves, which has a relaxing and soothing effect, or warm milk with honey, which is an excellent soporific.

Tip number 2: The foot bath

In order to avoid runny nose with all the consequences (up to sinusitis) after heavy rain should immediately to hover feet in the bath, may be with the addition of herbs. After this procedure should be a couple of hours to spend in a warm bed, put on wool socks with dry mustard inside, which retains heat.

Tip number 3: Inhalation

In the case of the beginning of a cold, when concurrently worried about sharp pain in his throat, and a runny nose, you can practice inhalation with decoction of chamomile, calendula and other herbs. The main thing - not to breathe above the hot water because you can to scald mucous membranes.

Tip number 4: Swabs, nasal drops

When breathing is difficult, the most effective improvised means will bulb onion which should be crushed and squeeze. In onion slurry dip a cotton pads for nose and onion juice (or aloe) can be used in as droplets, which quickly kill pathogenic microorganisms and free the airways.

Tip number 5: Phyto prophylaxis

According to experts, the body is powerless even at the common cold when the immune system is weakened due to a lack of vitamins and minerals. You can compensate for the deficiency by using multivitamins, and strengthen the protective functions of the body will help phytocomplex.

And finally, one more important advice: Do not lose heart! Process of convalescence is directly dependent on your mood. So smile more in spite of all diseases!

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