Causes of Low Vision

Causes of Low Vision

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Abnormalities in the spine

The first reason is, at first glance may seem quite unexpected. All damage to the vertebrae, as well as displacement in the spinal cord can be directly linked to the eye in human organs. Surely, you now becomes clear why it is so important to fulfill common exercises for eyes: palming, solarization, movement exercises and exercises to train and strengthen the spine. All this is due to the fact that the processes that are responsible for vision, are subordinated cerebral activity, which depends on our mind, where the spinal cord passing through the spinal column, takes a very important part in all these complex processes. The cause of visual impairment can be a back injury and also complicated childbirth.

Various diseases

Another reason - all sorts of diseases, including infectious and veneral. Viruses and bacteria that enter the body, can attack the nervous system of the body. And if are affected nerve centers responsible for visual acuity, occurs a visual impairment.


Another major cause of poor vision is fatigue. And not only the eye, but also all the organs in general. For example, lack of sleep, fatigue at work and home, constant stress leads us to overvoltage and wear of our organism, including the eyes. The soul of man - this is his eyes. The eyes the first, who feel the fatigue and give a signal for help, but people usually just not pay any attention to this. For this reason, in a complex of exercises for the restoration of view can be found relaxation exercises of the whole body.

Contamination of the organism

A common cause of various defects of view is a clogging of the body by harmful substances, which have property "settle down" and eliminated from the body quite problematic. Nevertheless to get rid of toxins is possible, having the necessary course of cleaning and adjusting your diet, as well as by connecting the special exercises can achieve good results.

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