Destruction of the vitreous body: risk factors and treatment

Destruction of the vitreous body: risk factors and treatment

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The vitreous body - a clear, viscous contents, filling the area between the retina and the lens of the eye. When the destruction of the vitreous body (Eye Floater) observed turbidity and sealing vitreous fibers, its total or partial thinning, wrinkling and detachment. Inside can be formed a strands and film of various density.

Shrivelling - the most severe form of the disease, accompanied by a change in shape and volume reduction of the vitreous which entails a break of retina, eye hemorrhage and other dangerous disorders.

Signs Eye Floater

Eye Floater characterized by the appearance in the visual field of various visual objects - dashes, threads, points, spots, etc. Also can be observed bright flashes before the eyes. Especially acute these symptoms appear when looking at a bright monochromatic surface - a sheet of white paper, white wall.

Causes Eye Floater

  • Inflammatory processes in the eye - retinal detachment, a strong degree of myopia, blepharitis;
  •  Violation structures of vitreous associated with age-related changes;
  • Eye injury, eye surgery;
  • Skull Injuries;
  • Circulatory disorders;
  • Hormonal and metabolic diseases;
  • Diabetes;
  • Dystrophy, physical exhaustion;
  • Excessive visual load.

Treatment of Destruction of the vitreous body

Loose single inclusions may disappear spontaneously or go beyond the visual field. However, large and dense fibers and the crystals remain in the body permanently, significantly reducing the quality of life of the patient.

Medicamental treatment

- Local resolution therapy to improve microcirculation in the tissues of the eye. Appointed by eye drops.
- System resolution therapy. Used preparations for internal use.
- Improve cerebral circulation. Used Nootropic drugs.

Laser treatment - vitreolysis

It is the cleavage of solids in the vitreous. It allows you to split the large fibers and crystals into tiny particles.

Surgical treatment - vitrectomy

The procedure is a complete or partial removal hazy vitreous body and replacement by silicone, gas or saline. Indications for surgery: if the location of dense objects, and fibers in the center of the field of view, when fully or partially blocked visibility.

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