Alternate Treatments For Lower Back Pain Management

Alternate Treatments For Lower Back Pain Management

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There are various causes of lower back pain and it can affect any individual during any part of his life. However, at times, the standard form of treatment does not cure the problem, nor does it reduce the pain. Additionally, it may even cause a relapse in the near future if you are not careful. There are alternate forms of lower back pain treatment which will definitely help the affected area in healing while preventing a relapse in the near future.

Release endorphins

Hormones in the form of endorphins are naturally made in the body. This is a natural way in which the body fights any form of pain. Through this hormone it helps to block the pain signals from reaching the pain. In addition to this, it also helps in alleviating stress, anxiety, depression and other conditions which also affect back pain. To release this hormone, you will need to do certain activities, making it one of the simplest forms of lower back pain treatment. You can opt for aerobic exercises, massage therapy or even mediation.

Restorative sleep

Insomnia can also cause lower back pain. Inadequate sleep can make a back pain worse. If you are not careful, it will be painful enough to even affect your sleep. Therefore the best form of lower back pain treatment in such a case is to get the right amount of sleep. To help you get the necessary sleep, you can meditate, try a few relaxing techniques or even opt for a healthier lifestyle. For extreme cases you can opt for medication that will aid you to sleep.

Back strengthening exercise

Normally, the core of the back aids in all your movements especially with the muscles in your back and abs. If the core of this back is not strong, especially through the muscles, it will begin to pain. In order to get the ideal lower back pain treatment in such a case, you can opt for a workout or regime that will help you strengthen the core of your back.

Alternate hot and cold therapy

Alternate forms of hot and cold therapy will help reduce the pain. This is because the cold pad will reduce the inflammation that causes the pain whereas the hot pad will relax the muscle and thereby reduce the pressure on the affected nerve. Alternate form of cold and hot pad will help reduce the pain in the long run.


In very rare cases, there is no actual cause of pain, but the pain still exists. This normally occurs after an injury has healed; however, the body still registers the initial feelings of pain. In such cases, all you require is a good distraction for your brain. You can develop skills to reduce or block the pain signals.

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