Everything You Need To Know About Herpes

Everything You Need To Know About Herpes

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Herpes is brought by two types of viruses: herpes simplex type 1 and 2. The most unique thing with the virus is that only one in five people show signs of infection. Due to this many people don't know that they have been infected.

Signs of Herpes Infection

It's good to note that the signs of infection usually show during the first outbreak. This is a period between 2 days and 2 weeks.

If you are infected you will have tingling and itchy sensations on your genitalia. The glands in the groin may become swollen and sensitive and if you aren't knowledgeable enough you may think that you are having flu. You can also have pains in your nerves near the developing blisters.

It's also common for blisters and small blisters to appear in genital areas. The blisters last for 24-48 hours, after which they burst leaving you with small, red and painful sores. The sores usually heal after 3-10 days.

Other signs include painful urination. Women may have vaginal discharge and they may occasionally be unable to empty their bladders.

Is It Genital Herpes?

If you suspect that you have genital herpes you should go to your nearest sexual clinic. Here the doctors will do a number of tests to determine if you have the virus in your body. When you are diagnosed with genital herpes the doctor will give you a short course of anti-viral drugs.

These medications are aimed at relieving the symptoms of the disease. If the sores don't heal within the expected time, the doctor can ask you to keep on taking the drugs for a little bit longer.

Once the sores are gone the doctor will prescribe for you anti-viral drugs that you should take in the event you have a flare-up. Here you may be required to take the pills for two to five days and you should take the drugs as soon as you notice the sores.

If the outbreaks are frequent, the doctor may ask you to take the anti-viral drugs every day.


This is what you need to know about genital herpes. To avoid the agony of taking the anti-viral drugs every now and then you should prevent yourself from contracting the virus. This calls for you to always have sex with a condom. If you are going to have oral sex, always use a dental dam. If you aren't married, it's wise that you abstain from sex.

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