Homeopathy and acne treatment

Homeopathy and acne treatment

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Acne Treatment Homeopathy has been practiced for many years. After the first week, patients feeling less inflammation of the skin on the face and back, reducing the number of acne. Pimples occur rarely, and then disappear altogether.

Many cosmetic products contain in their composition poisons, vegetable components and minerals. Take them without the knowledge and the prescribing physician can not be. Treatment shall appoint a homeopathic physician who specializes in the treatment of skin diseases. The duties of the physician include:

  • The appointment of a special diet during treatment;
  • An explanation of the features medication;
  • Development of individual treatment regimens.

Homeopathic medicines have a positive effect on the whole body. During treatment is restored the work of the gastrointestinal tract, increases the body's resistance. With simultaneous treatment of traditional and homeopathic medicines, the negative impact of drugs on the body is markedly reduced.

Stages of treatment homeopathy acne

Acne is treated in a complex by using different means and methods: internal and external, drug, cosmetic and physiotherapy.
Homeopathic acne treatment includes several stages:

  • The elimination of edema, pain, signs of intoxication, healing and improvement of blood circulation;
  • Depending on the presence of concomitant diseases of the patient, it is assigned an individual course of treatment and recovery using special products;

Homeopathic drugs

  • ACNE ROSACEA: carbo veg, calc silicata, psorinum, lachesis, kreosote, mezerium, petrolium, sepia, radium brom;
  • BACILLINUM: Ring worm, pityriasis, eczema of eye lids, glands of neck enlarged, skin complaints with asthma;
  • CARBO VEG: gangrene boils carbuncles, putrid ulcers, blueness, echymoses, burning pain, putrid discharges;
  • KALIBROM: acne simpex, acne indurata, acne rosasea on face, chest and shoulders, leaves scars;
  • LACHESIS: Bluish purplish boils carbuncles. Black edges, blue black swellings, senile erysipelas.cellulitis, varicose veins;
  • PULS, KALI BROM, BACILLINUM: acne in puberty;
  • NAT MUR: crusty erruption margins of hair, behine ears,erruption in bends of limbs, eczema raw red inflamed erruption in hair margins, herpes about lips;
  • PSORINUM: dirty greasy breaks in folds, scaly erruptions over scalp, unhealthy skin, intolarable itching during night. Offensive discharges from erruptions,erruptions around nails;
  • SEPIA: ring worms, tinea, warts, herpes circinatus, rough, cracked skin in flexures, ulcers on small joints, itching not releived by scratching;
  • SILICEA: abscess, felons, fistulous ulcers, unhealthy skin every injury suppurates, pustules over the face, keloid scars become pain full, erruptions itching more in night.ring worm impetigo.

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