True Anti-Cellulite Diet

True Anti-Cellulite Diet

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Women today are afflicted with cellulite - the bumpy fat under the skin. Although the specific reason/reasons behind this problem is not yet known, but experts believe that it is mainly due to the genes, hormones and most importantly, the diet. In this condition, pockets of fat accumulate against the connective tissue under the skin. Cellulite, also called orange peel skin, occurs on the thighs and hips of women. You can find various cellulite creams, lotions, potions and other treatments to combat this unattractive superficial fat. However, improving your diet and switching to healthy and nutritious food or more specifically an anti-cellulite diet can soothe the problematic skin issue.

Anti-cellulite foods should be rich in essential fatty acids, antioxidants and minerals. All these help in burning fats by regulating the metabolic system of your body. Listed below are the foods which can fulfill your desire for a cellulite-free skin.

Bananas - They are considered as one of the best cellulite foods because of high potassium and less fats. The body's fluid levels are balanced by potassium. Hence the excess water weight can be flushed out by eating bananas as a snack food. Also, carbohydrates in bananas provide a feeling of fullness for a long time.

Blueberries - There is a high concentration of Anthocyanin in blueberries. This antioxidant nullifies the effect of enzymes that tend to harm the connective tissue and form cellulite. These anthocyanins also contribute towards collagen maintenance while eliminating the free radicals. Vitamin C & E and antioxidants contained in blueberries are very helpful in fighting cellulite, thus making it a good addition to the anti-cellulite diet.

Chilli pepper - It is an amazing food that can be added to your anti-cellulite foods list. Vitamin C & E and the potassium content present in chilli are attributed for this quality. Along with these, the pungent smelling ingredient of chilli, known as capsaicin, increases heat in the body, which in turn helps burn fat (cellulite). By raising your body's metabolic rate it results in considerable weight loss.

Eggs - the egg whites are rich in dietary protein. These are low in calories and therefore should be included in your anti-cellulite diet. When toxins of any type are accumulated in your body, it slows down the lymph system, which ultimately leads to accumulation of fat in the form of cellulite. Eating eggs can be very helpful in this case as it helps to detoxify your body. So, include a few servings of eggs especially egg whites in your weekly diet.

Green tea - although not a food, including green tea in your daily diet helps to combat cellulite very efficiently. Not only does it increase the metabolic rate, it is also helpful in preventing cellulite formation and aids in glucose regulation. Theobromine content of green tea helps in eliminating the fat content from the cells. Overall this beverage is great for those looking to shape up and improve their overall health.

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