5 Ways to Address or Get Rid of Vitiligo at Home

5 Ways to Address or Get Rid of Vitiligo at Home

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Vitiligo is a skin problem, usually triggered by a low immune problem. Vitiligo is considered one of the autoimmune problems that attacks the pigment cells, or the pigment skin. People with family history of Vitiligo have a higher risk of developing vitiligo themselves.

Stress and illness is often a factor. The first signs of Vitiligo are white patches on the skin, common in the areas that are mostly exposed to the sun. This includes the hands, arms, feet and face. In some cases, vitiligo can also cause whitening and greying of the hair, beard, eyebrows and eyelashes. While there are medical treatments for vitiligo, people often opt for home and natural remedies.

Sun Screen

Since we mentioned that Vitiligo develops in areas exposed to sun, applying lots of sun screen is one form of protection and a way to get rid of the white patches. Apply lotion with a factor of at least 30 every time you step out of the house. You can also apply the lotion while you are at home to reduce the symptoms of Vitiligo.

Cosmetic Cover Ups

There are lots of options that include cosmetic cover ups for the white patches. But this is only usable when there are few white patches, like here and there. The cosmetic cover ups will lessen the symptoms and the appearance of white patches. However, you must find the most suitable for you. Self tanners are also a viable cosmetic option.

Mustard Oil and Turmeric

For this mixture, you need 250 ml of organic mustard oil and 5 large teaspoons of turmeric powder. Mix them in a bowl until you get composite paste. This is one of the most common home remedies. Apply the paste on the affected areas every day. Leave it there for 20 minutes, and then wash it with hot but not too hot water. Dry with a pat. You should use this treatment at least once per day, or twice if you wish for in the next 20 days.

Water from Copper Vessel

This remedy will take time, but it is one of the most effective. The trick is to drink water stored in copper vessel. Store the water in copper vessel, but do not leave it there for longer than it takes the water to imbibe the minerals from the vessel. Drinking of such water increases the production of melanin in your body.

Mama Cadela Roots

You need to boil the roots of the plant in warm water for about 15 minutes. After you boil the roots, apply the extract on the areas with white patches every day. This will reduce the whiteness of the skin.

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